Mysterious dark UFO over Cricklade, England

On April 5, 2019 at 14:30, a witness saw a dark, silent and mysterious object over Cricklade, England.

Witness report:

I was returning ho,me from walking my dog in the countryside alongside the thames when i observed a strange shape. at first i thought it was wind-blown debris, possible a tattered bin liner but as its shape remained constant i then thought it might be a prankster's kite or drone. as it passed silently over me my mind dismissed both these explainations. i wanted to take a picture of it but i knew that by the time i prodced and readied my phone, it would be gone from veiw. i was hoping that another dog walker was seeing it too but on inquirey, he said he saw nothing and despite it still being visible through the skeletal branches of a tree, he couldn't see it. the nearest i can describe it as is an sr71 pinched in at the tail and flying with its nose pionting vertically down to the ground. it had two distinct parts (hence the sr71 pinched in at the tail decription but the tail here was at the top) it was dark in colour with tiny wings that weren't being used as wings in order to fly as it was travelling in a vertical position.

Source, 05th April 2019