Large triangular UFO over Sidney, Michigan, in 1989

On September 22, 1989, a witness saw three red lights at tips of triangle hovering over Sidney, Michigan, USA.

Eyewitness statement:

I and my girlfriends 2 children were returning home from my sisters house a few miles south west from my place. on dirt road at night around 7pm ish .I was driving and my girls son said hey rex i see a ufo and i chuckled and said something to the affect of yeh rite. he got me to look and i stopped in the road when i say 3 red lights in the sky appearing to be hoovering over a farmers field.The lights formed a huge triangle. i at first thought they were from a tower w red lights as for airplanes to see it. i exited the car and we all 3 got out and were looking at the lights and i could see darknes between the lights as if nothing between them.They appeared stationairy at first and as we were watchin they appeared to start slowly rotating in our direction in a counterclockwise rotation. i then got a kinda freaked out sensation and started to get a little worried. as it appeared to be moving towards us in the car. i imediately told the kids to get in the car. i then backed the car back in the southward direction we had just came from as we were headed north. i then turned right east onto the corner rd and started driving slowly east as to go away from my house not wanting the lights to follow us home. triangle shape then slowly rotated back clockwise as it appeared to be turninng back to follow us. and seemed to be slowly following in our direction. i then stopped the car and very quikly turned around and drove fast the hell out of there and home. a year or so later we were watching tv at our new home in mcbrides mich as we moved from the sidney house and seen the exact same lights reported over i believe belgum. i immediatly called the kids and my girl to the tv and the kids both said mom thats what we seen.That was the last we seen of this. tnx rex

Source, 23th April 2019