Impressive UFO caught near the Moon on May 2018

On May 2018, a witness living in Reno, Nevada, spotted and filmed a mysterious UFO with a telescope.

Paper report mailed to MUFON, by field investigator 18809 on april 24th, 2019:

On May 28th 2018 i was filming the moon as i do every month that has a clear night for videoing. during the videoing time of around three hours on this night i believe i may have videoed something that was never videoed before.

I am sending you four blown up photos of one of the seven or eight object that streaked across the moon going slow enough to freeze and gain some detail of the craft on may 28th 2018. if you have an investigator in the area of reno, sparks or carson city, i will be glad to show hem the original dvd that the streaking objects were videoed on and the instruments that videoed the objects.

This is not a joke, a prank or a computer created imaginary fleet of objects. this is real. in fact, they were even announced on the news as they streaked through the night sky. and the news even used the words "streaking objects."

If you wish to know more about these streaking objects and how i come by them, please contact me and let me know when and where.


Source, 25th April 2019