Huge alien base found on Mars on April 2019

On April 6, 2019, the ufologist Scott C. Waring found a huge ancient alien base on Mars.

He claims:

The NASA archives are filled with photos of planets and moon with alien artefacts littering them. Most people dismiss that its impossible to find such they never try. Those that try usually succeed within hours.

This long dark structure really stands out from its environment because of its color and shape. Its ends are curved like a Marine barracks might have. Its top center has several floors or layers on it. Its not small despite what you see. This area of Mars is called the Valles Marineris and is 300 km across and over 10 km deep in places. That means this structure is 5km across and 1km wide. Thats a huge structure!

If this structure is abandoned as I think it is, then it may be the perfect location for the first human city on Mars. The outer structure seems complete and the interior area needs investigating, but it gives humanity a bit of a head start on a base on Mars.

Source, 08th April 2019