Giant angelic UFO caught near Sun on April 2019

On April 8, 2019, an angelic UFO was noticed near Earth’s Sun. It was followed by multiple small unidentified objects.

Scott C. Waring claims:

An eyewitness found this angelic UFO in the SOHO/NASA website which show images of filtered sun photos. This angelic craft has been seen many times over the last few years. Every time it has a few smaller ships behind it when it travels. That is probably for safety reasons. Smaller ships might be in danger in space alone, but if they travel behind a larger ship, then they are guaranteed a degree of safety.

Since they are heading toward our sun, I can assume that I was right when I said in the past that the Sun is hollow and being used by aliens. Hollow sun theory, a concept I invented and this is 100% evidence that I was correct.

Source, 18th April 2019