Bright UFO spotted over Yamba, New South Wales

On April 9, 2019, a witness was driving west while he saw an unidentified flying object over Yamba, New South Wales, Australia.

Eyewitness statement:

I was driving west, at this time roughly 3km away from the beach. there was a massive storm out at sea that night and clouds were scattered across the sky. i was driving will only my driving lights, no high beams. my girlfriend was in the passenger and her 16yr sister in the back. there was no large source of light around as yamba is a small coastal town with little light pollution.

As i drive, i see some light against the clouds. it looked like a spotlight shining up into the clouds, similar to batman's signal in a circual shape but with no bat. the clouds surrounding the light were still pitch black. it caught my attention immediately and i had to duck my head a little to properly see it out of the windshield. i originally thought there was some event on in the town or something but after 2-3 seconds the light on the clouds got stronger and larger.

A ball of cold, pure white light seemed to glide into the sky. the shape and dimensions were very hard to see because of its speed and distance. i would roughly estimate it was twice the sight of a standered international aircraft. it streaked in a wnw directon and glowed extremely bright. bright enough to light up all the surrounding clouds. i watched it move across the sky for about 2 seconds before completed disappearing. i was certain the object had disappeared because the sky was black again straight away. the craft left a small trail of light behind it that lasted only half a second but the trail was only visible while i could see the craft. once it vanished, there was no trail and no light at all.

The object was completed unique compared to anything i've ever seen. much faster than a plane or a jet. way quieter and more efficient than a rocket. no visible body or shape. no vibration or audible sound. powerful but concentrated white light emitted from it. it looked like a glowing orb flying across the sky. at the start the craft seemed to make the clouds glow as if it was getting closer to them. then, it appeared underneath the clouds so i could see it. it didn't seem to stop or hover, i just saw the craft zip through the sky.

I was in the car with my girlfriend shae and her sister mia. because shae was in the front, she also witnessed the light craft through the windshield but mia did not because she was in the back. as we watched it, shae said it was a shooting star but then corrected herself saying i don't know what that is? once it disappeared, we asked each other what we had seen. mia saw nothing. shae and i both saw the same thing, agreeing with each othe's descriptions. shae described the light on the clouds before the orb as like the clouds shine when they are backlit by a full moon but only in a small patch.

Unable to immediately identify what we saw, we were very puzzled for a moment until i deducted that i've never ever seen anything like that on planet earth nor have i heard of something that is capable of doing what i saw out my front car window that night. i am certain i saw an alien spacecraft.

In addition to this sighting, i have experienced an alien 'phenomenon' before. strange markings appeared on my skin without explanation. just before i turned 16, i woke up one morning with four red dots arranged in a square, boardered by another square on my chest just above my left nipple. roughly the size of a 50c piece, the marks seem like something had been pressed against the skin for some time except they had no physical touch aspects. the skin felt completed smooth and with closed eyes, no marks were distinguishable. there was nothing in my bed that could have produced the markings if i slept on it. the marks were a pink, red colour and had no other features apart from being there. no pain or itching. i was in fine physical health. no heat or sensitivity.I would not have even noticed if i didn't look in the mirror after a shower. the marks disappeared within 2-3 days and i never thought much of it. not sure if this could be connected but thought it was worth mentioning. i will attach a post of the markings on my chest. if you could tell me anything about them, it would be greatly appreciated.

Source, 09th April 2019