Bright reflective UFO over San Diego, California

On April 15, 2019, in the afternoon, a witness spotted a bright reflective UFO moving slowly from NE to SE, above San Diego, in southern California.

Witness report:

At 1035 i was in my front yard and saw a bright object which appeared to be stationary very high in the sky. it was reflecting the morning sun on this fairly clear morning. blue sky with light clouds. no wind. about 66 - 68 degrees and sunny. i ran in and got my binoculars and camera. it moved very slowly across the sky from ne to se for about 25 minutes. at times it disappeared behind the high clouds and then reappeared. it reflected the sun's light the entire time. i took 59 photos of the "dot" in the sky. when magnified the object was as follows: bright silver cylinder with a donut shaped object attached on top of one end of the cylinder. my various photos showed different views of the object, so indeed it was turning around both horizontally and vertically. my wife and neighbor both witnessed this sighting. i verified with the local military air installation that they did not see that object even though it appeared to be above mcas miramar at one point.

Source, 16th April 2019