Black UFO over Kingston, Ontario on June 2015

A witness was watching pictures he has taken on June 14, 2015, while he noticed a black UFO over Lake Ontario, Canada.

Eyewitness statement:

I was going through some photos i had taken on june 14, 2015 and in one photo i noticed something in the sky. i don't remember taking a specific photo of this object as i was just snapping photos while out with my girlfriend and her dog. i never saw the object in the sky until i looked at the photo and noticed it. i zoomed the photo and used an edge detection filter on the image and realized it wasn't a bird or anything else i could ascertain. i came to the conclusion that it was indeed an unidentified flying object. it is definitely a solid object in the sky above the lake. i also snapped another picture of the same scene about 17 seconds later and the object doesn't appear in the second photo. i am submitting these two photos and i haven't changed them in any way. these are directly from the camera to my hard drive.

Source, 06th April 2019