A couple spotted a black UFO in San Diego, California

On September 16, 2018, in the afternoon, a woman and his fiance were driving down the freeway in San Diego, California, when they spotted something weird in the sky. After taking a picture, they noticed a black on image…

Witness report:

Me and my fiance were driving down the the freeway in north county san diego towards the bach when she and i spotred some weird upside down pyramid shaped clouds. when had never seen this before so i told her to get a picture. we didnt think anything at the time but when she went to take the picture all i heard was oh my god! i asked what she was saying that for and she told me to hold on. she then fumbled with the phone a time or two and then said that im never going to believe this but there is something in the camera that cant be seen without it. i asked for clarification and she said an object can be seen through the use of the phone camera but not with the naked eye. i took the phone and looked at the picture she had took and at first thought bug on the window but she said no look .There was no bug or dirt really but when she held the phone up you could clearly see an object moving away slowly through the clouds. the interesting thing is it was located close to and possibly over camp pendelton marine base. this object was in the pyramid cloud we had observed and was using it as a shield or something. very strange. i got home and noticed it was a really dark object so i tried filteri g it on my phone to get a better view of any surface features. it turned out to have a look similar to the space shuttle with a aura around it.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/99756, 17th April 2019