Weird fireball spotted over Hamilton Township, New Jersey

On February 13, 2019, a pensioner living in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, spotted an unidentified fireball flying at low altitude.

Eyewitness statement:

I am retired law enforcement and have observed and reported many sightings to mufon. on 2/13/19 at approximately 1900 hours i observed a low flying very bright luminescent fire ball travelling at an estimated speed of of 275-300 mph at an altitude of 1,500 feet one half mile away from me that traversed the sky at first horizontally, then slightly lowered altitude and completed a tight, smoothly coordinated high speed s turn. the turn occurred in about 1.5 seconds. the object banked left then right. the maneuver reminded me of blue angels, thunderbirds, or other us military fighter jets performing at an air show i have witnessed. i am a lifelong aviation, aerospace and military aviation learned follower. after approximately five seconds this object disappeared. it flew in open view between trees, clearings, tree branches, and limbs which are devoid of leaves. i checked the archived weather at wunderground.Com. it was 35 degrees f, fair skies, w wind at 9 mph. the vivid fireball flickered consistently in an analogous fashion between yellow white and orange hues similar to ones i have seen before. due to the indescribable coloration, speed, altitude, performance and maneuvering, lack of sound, lack of navigation lights, indistinguishable silhouette or shape and disappearing with no explanation this was an uap. there was other usual air traffic in known traffic patterns at the time in the area. this sighting occurred after dark with unlimited visibility. i made a depiction and attached the file. i would like mufon nj investigator glen green to contact me in regards to this case.

Source, 16th February 2019