Unidentified lights over Norton, in Vermont

On February 3, 2019, in the evening, a witness as listening Superbowl in his car when he saw unidentified lights over Norton, in the state of Vermont.

Witness report:

We have a camp in the northeast kingdom of vermont which we go to every friday and leave to go home every monday morning. this sunday night i was sitting in my car listening to the superbowl on the am radio as we have no power, tv etc in our camp. couldn't get game on fm radio so went out to listen in my car. was warm for this area and time of year so was not uncomfortable to be outside. i would have no idea of the event time except for the time on my photos as i was paying attention to the game. as we have no electric lights it is very dark in the yard which made it immediately apparent when the sky became bright. i had my phone in my hand and snapped 3 pictures before the aircraft flew away.My boyfriend only saw the sky light up and not the actual event as he was inside getting us drinks and snacks. i showed the pictures to my friend yesterday and he told me to send them to you. i have had other sightings in this area but never anything like this and i've never taken a picture before.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/98330, 06th February 2019