UFO moved quickly over Buffalo, New York

On October 14, 2018 at 18:09, three persons were smoking a cigarette in a backyard in Buffalo, New York. Together, they saw a bright object in the sky that moved quickly.

Eyewitness statement:

I was smoking a cigarette with two other individuals in a backyard. one of these individuals pointed out the object in the sky. this object moved toward the southwest direction consistently. a small trail followed behind this object as it moved through the sky. following a small distance behind this object was an airplane of some sort. it was not a regular plane. i am not sure how to describe that further but it was not a passenger plane. i was able to recognize the fact that there was one spacecraft that was not a plane and the object behind it was in fact some type of plane. as we moved from the backyard to the front yard for better visibility, i tried to take pictures and videos. i was successful but even using my zoom feature on my iphone i was only able to capture a second of activity. as the house covered my view of these aircrafts for maybe a millisecond, they both disappeared. i recovered pictures of the craft that i would describe as shining silver or platinum colored flying saucer that had lights around the middle or the widest part of the craft.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/98331, 06th February 2019