Strange UFO spotted over Milan, in northern Italy

On February 4, 2019 at 9:00, a witness was at home, in Milan, Lombardy, when he noticed something strange through the window…

Witness report:

I was at home reading and watching scientific findings of nasa and historical ones when i noticed a strange thing in my window, up in the sky as high as i could see a far away object descending with a 80~° angle having a quite dense trail of smoke that after the start was divided in two.I thought it was an airplane descending,but it was more similar to something falling.It descended until it was out of my sight,it had a continuity in velocity and distance from me, but it had the prementioned angle going from its starting point se from me,arriving s whaen i couldnt see it anymore.

Nearly an hour after a very similar object had arrived from west going east in a straight path with a similar trail until it wasnt distinguisable from the sky itself.

The first sighting had given me a sensation of unconfotableness and euphory without any apparent season.

Source, 04th February 2019