Long bright UFO caught over Murray, Utah

On February 23, 2019 at 21:25, an illuminated object is appeared over Murray, Utah. It was flying too fast and making no sounds.

Witness report:

I see a lot of stuff and recognize the difference. hfb is 40 minutes north, dugway is a stones throw away. i know what life flight is, live between three major hospitals. i know the slc airport approaches and what is a jet coming in over the top of the wasatch. i have seen military action and know they use the crest of the wasatch for flight path...

I have never seen anything like this. and in typical debunk fashion got the worst picture possible, but has to come on cause someone else must have seen this...

I was on my back porch and noticed an odd moving object moving s along crest of wasatch, around mt. olympus. object was more steady, pulsating, not blinking, and mostly green! it moved quickly from left to right in my field of view. as it came around the front of big cottonwood canyon it headed immedaitely west and out of my view around the south end of my house and the trees.

I ran inside to grab phone, and out the front door facing west. it appeared to flight in a direct line west across the valley, where commercial traffic comes in from the south, swooped around or hovered, saw some red orb flashes and it took off north and was out of site in seconds.

I know this wasn't lifeflight or slc international traffic, my emotion was one of consent and i actually said outloud, "freaking military alien b**lsh!T" i've seen a lot of weird stuff out in the desert and mountains.

Wish i could operate a smart phone better. the pic is through a tree, but the color is what got me! the color is not transfused, it was that green the whole time and traveled way faster than any local air traffic i ever see, day or night...

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/98727, 24th February 2019