Large UFO spotted over Winnipeg, Manitoba

On February 14, 2019, a very large alien spacecraft is appeared in Winnipeg, a city located in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

Witness report:

While waiting at a bus stop, i saw an unusual star in the sky, where there was never a star before. it was exceptionally large and bright and flickering crazily.

So i started taking photos with my cell. every time i took a photo and zoomed in, i could see that it was changing shape and sometimes even color. there were so many elaborate light patterns that i couldn't see the physical parts of the craft at all. it may be more than one craft. i took about 20 photos and in every photo it appears different.

It was in the sky feb 14 and 15th. it remained "parked" in the same spot both nights. it might even still be there. i haven't checked tonight.

Source, 17th February 2019