Incredible UFO caught over the sear in Svolvær, Norway

On October 23, 2012, at 14:55, an impressive UFO was photographed over the sea in Svolvær, Norway. The witness noticed this strange object several years later.

Witness statement:

I only noticed the ufo in my photo after reviewing it several years later. it appears to be ascending and is not an object or drone i am familiar with at that time or now!

we were on a tourist fishing boat experience at the time near Svolvær in the Lofoten islands, Norway. a man made object / drone of this size and not far away from us should have made a noise or sound or been noticeable, especially if it is ascending which appears to be true. when zooming on the image it becomes blurry unfortunately. hopefully someone with the right skills can clear the pixels and expose whether we are considering a drone here or a true ufo!? there were 3 of us on this trip and all of us agree when reviewing the photo years later that it is very strange and that we should have known it's presence at the time considering our proximity.

Source, 11th February 2019