Incredible UFO caught over Medford, in Oregon

On August 8, 2008, in the afternoon, a witness was on vacation in Medford, Oregon. He caught a picture of an incredible UFO

Witness statement:

My son and i were taking a once-in-a-lifetime father/son trip in the summer of 2008. (august 2008). our plan was to take a 2 week trip through washington, oregon and northern california with stops at major points of interest. there was no itinerary and our intent was to keep it spontaneous and enjoy every second of it. prior to our trip we did identify some spots we wanted to see along the way. i wanted to see the boeing plant in seattle and my son wanted to see the experience music project and pikes place market. we also both agreed on wanting to see crater lake, oregon.

on august 8, 2008 we were making our way to crater lake, oregon and we stopped for lunch at a restaurant on highway 97 just north of the lake. we were pretty excited and feeling great that day. we noticed that it was hazy as we arrived and we asked the server at the restaurant why it was so hazy and she told us that there had been forest fires recently. we then asked if the way to the lake (crater lake national park) was blocked and she said that she didn’t think it would be blocked. we were happy to hear that.

after lunch we went across the road to a souvenir shop and looked around, but didn’t buy anything. the next part of the trip was to drive to crater lake. we headed southbound on highway 97 and then took a right turn heading west on highway 138 which was bring us closer to the lake. along this road we did notice the remants of burnt trees and more and more haze. the acrid smoky smell was something we will never forget. nonetheless we kept on toward the next turn which was a left turn onto the volcanic scenic legacy byway. we were very close the the lake now and anxious to get our first glimpse. we finally came up to a lookout (unsure what the name was if it was even a named lookout?) but for sure we were on the west side of the lake and it was late afternoon at this point. (approximately 4:30 p.M.) excited to finally be at crater lake, my son and i took several photos of us overlooking the lake, crater edge, vegetation, parking lot area, etc. after photos and looking around we decided to leave and go towards the souvenir shop (forget the name?) and carry on with our trip to klamath lake, oregon.

when we returned home to canada we uploaded the photos onto the computer and noticed and orange coloured orb in one of the photos from crater lake that was next to the crater edge and was above the water line. at first we thought that it was an anomaly or blemish in the photo, but none of the other photos were damaged or blemished. we did notice that many of the photos from this day were hazy because of the forest fires. we both asked each other, “do you remember seeing anything when we there?” the answer was “no”. we didn’t see anything until the photo showed up on the computer. it was strange to us.

i asked my son if we should do something or report it and he thought that we should. in 2008 we had no idea where we should even start? it has taken 10 and a half years, but better late than never.

Source, 07th February 2019