Glowing orb spotted in Shady Side, Maryland

On February 10, 2019 at 5AM, a witness living in Shady Side, Maryland, when he saw an unidentified bright light.

Eyewitness statement:

Clear sky. early morning on the chesapeake bay in my back yard. bright star like light flickered on as if by a light switch. within the minute a smaller equally bright light “birthed” out of the original and headed in a straight, unaffected line due north. bright white unblinking, unwavering light continued to travel in a perfectly straight line for approximately 2 minutes appearing to follow the coast until faiding out of sight. if under normal circumstances i feel like i would have continued to observe said object longer however in reality orb quickly faded untimely. it appeared to dissolve midair. not violently like a shooting star but like a bright spot light traveling at the speed of a satellite was slowly dimmed to black over the course of several seconds. if it was an airplane i should have continued to observe it until it was clear the horizon. this object did not act accordingly. after the smaller light dissipated to unobservable the large, original light stayed in its fixed location over arcturus until the sun came up. i attempted to take a video and pictures however they are not great. i will see if any are worth posting. a very strange experience for sure!

Source, 10th February 2019