Bright UFO caught over Nijverdal, in the Netherlands

On February 15, 2019 at 8:46, a classic UFO shape was photographed over Nijverdal, in the region of Overijssel in the Netherlands.

Witness statement:

I was outside taking a picture of the sunrise. once back inside i tweeted the picture, and when i took a look at the tweet i saw something odd, a ufo shaped thing in the south east. one can see vapour streaks of airplanes in the distance on the picture. the picture is really sharp.

I thought that it must be some sort of ufo, because it has all the features of a classic saucer shape thing.

After i had notice it in the picture i went outside to re-create the event. this was maybe 4 minutes later but with no success. whatever it was, it was gone now.

I'm feeling like i'm full of questions. we live near a national park and i see things at night that i can't explain away. maybe this is all connected, i don't know.

Source, 15th February 2019