Boomerang-shaped UFO spotted in Katy in 2004

On May 31, 2004, while playing basketball in Katy, Texas, a witness saw a boomerang-shaped UFO flying in the sky. What is it?

Witness report:

In 2004, in the summer i believe, after a boy scout meeting on a wednesday night. some friends and i were playing basketball outside in a friends driveway. i remember something making me look up and saw the outline of a large boomerang shaped object fly overhead. i remember pointing it out to my friends asking what they thought it was. it was moving at a slower rate then i would have expected for something so large to stay up in the air. underneath the object was 7 circular steady white lights. the object didn't make any noise which i felt was strange due to how close to the ground it was. the object was traveling from the east heading west and was where we could see it for about 20 seconds. the object ended up being blocked from our view by the house. my friends seemed to think it was strange but went back to playing. i feel like it affected me more and is a memory i have thought about frequently over the last 13 years.

Source, 03th February 2019