Blue round-shaped UFO in Laguna on February 2019

On February 4, 2019, in the afternoon, a blue round-shaped UFO is appeared in the sky in Laguna, New Mexico.

Witness report:

I was discussing the day before, with my fiance', the fact that they seem to be spraying with the planes more often lately to cover something they don't want us to see in space, that is close enough to be seen, and that sooner or later someone will capture on camera. the next day, i noticed the planes were desperately trying to cover the skies. it was slightly windy and the were some spotty clouds, but very clear blue sky still there. i began taking many shots with my phone of the sky, just to see if i would capture something. thinking it was the large meteor that keeps coming close to earth as the object of their concern. but when i went back and looked at all the photos, something unexpected showed up in the photos. i only got one good shot of the object, but it is very clearly a sphere, blue in color, and did not belong where it was. it was not the moon, as the moon had gone down much earlier, and the sun was not too far away. but i don't think this object is a meteor. it looks more like, i know this sounds nuts, but a blue version of "the death star"from "star wars", right there near the earth, in view of the naked eye to us. i was not sure exactly what i was seeing, but it definitely has a spherical shape, and looks like a round craft or planet. i don't know and don't have the equipment to clean it up. maybe you can identify what this is? i am sending the original and two cropped versions. no other modifications of any kind were done at all, no filters used, nothing. this is exactly what was in the sky. please help me figure out what is out there. note: they sin after covered the sky with the spraying and it was no longer viewable.

Source, 09th February 2019