Black UFO filmed over Los Angeles, California

On January 4, 2019, a black UFO is appeared over Los Angeles, California. It was flying in front of an airplane.

Witness report:

1) me and my father were driving back home from los angeles. we were near lax and i decided to videotape some planes since they were flying above us.

2) i was going to post one of the videos on a social media when i noticed a black object in one of the frames. this was about 45 min after the sighting.

3) at first i thought it was a plane but since most airline planes are not painted black i then thought it was a military aircraft. but i am not too sure.

4) the object flies very quickly. i was only able to capture a couple frames of it. it flew in a straight line.

5) kinda surprised to capture something since it was luck. i also did post it on youtube. other than that, nothing .

6) since i was not aware i was filming it in the beginning i didn’t follow its path. it just flew out of view.

Source, 10th February 2019