Black UFO caught in Las Vegas on highway 95

On February 18, 2019, an automobilist was in Las Vegas on highway 95. He took pictures. On one of these images, he noticed something strange.

Witness report:

During our holiday in vegas. we were coming back to vegas on the highway 95. we took a couple of photos through the front window of the bus as we were sitting at the front. my wife noticed something small on the first photo and then closer on the second photo. must have been moving fast. we took the second photo soon after the first. we weren't looking for a ufo, we were simply taking in the view. you can see the object in the first photo and then larger in the second. this shape looks very strange.We took the photos around about 11.45 - 12.15 noon.

It looked like a strange craft and moved fast between photos. dark and transparent sections. my wife is a ufo skeptic but was adamant that this is a ufo and would not stop talking about it. i can only agree. we have been very interested in this since taking this photo. we had lots of coincidences since this sighting. the object was gone straight away. we kept seeing our house number appear on cars, tickets that we bought for food even on tables in restaurants, we won hundreds of dollars every day after this. we also had bad omens such as dog running in to the car purposely whilst looking straight at us, sat nav stopped working in the middle of the desert & strange people approaching us every day taking a real interest in what we are doing.

Only now that we are back in the uk everything seems strange. this situation has really been the talking point of our holiday. this object had an impact on us. especially when you are not expecting it. would like to know if anyone else has seen this and what could it be. the distances apart are clearly apparent in photo 1 & 2. please help and put our minds at rest...

Source, 28th February 2019