Amazing UFO caught somewhere in Germany

On February 25, 2019, an amazing UFO is appeared in the sky somewhere in Germany. What is it?

Witness statement:

Hello Seekers, I have just been sent this video of an orb crossing the sky at very low altitude, it has been at 6 in the morning today. The video is real and you can see how the moon is to the left and the orb to the right and it is shifting!!!!

He told me this:

it was moving at a very low speed and it looked kinda like a celestial body ... i was amazed that nobody except me bothered to get outta the car 2 record it,in real the orb looked a lil bit bigger, was recording with my phone i-phone xs-max

Just to clarify that the other light that is seen moving fast as a fly is a reflection of the lighting post.

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Fuckin real and amazing UFO GERMANY Source, 28th February 2019