A man abducted by aliens in Denham Springs, Louisiana

On February 15, 2015, a witness saw an octopus-shaped UFO over Denham Springs, Louisiana. A few years ago, he thinks he has abducted by aliens…

Eyewitness statement:

Okay.. well my first incident was when i was very young. i remember playing hide n seek with a friend. next thing i remember is visions of being in a tube with water and little tubes connected to me. i remember falling out onto a metal like floor with red lights all around this room(blurry vision from the water or whatever fluid i was floating in). i then see a humanoid shaped figure in an all metal looking suit with an opening at the neck that looked to withhold a reptile looking creature. it looked directly at me on the floor(to weak to stand), picked me up and then all i remember after is the sun being bright standing in the road infront of my house and the back of my neck having a stinging sort of feeling. my cousin whom i was playing hide n seek with said i had been gone for about an hr n a half to 2 hrs, yet i didnt know exactly where i went or how long i was actually gone for.


the second incident i was going through a hard time in my life and i remember laying in the middle of the road about 20 yrs up from my driveway in my neighborhood around 2am & was asking to be taken away from this planet aloud verbally while crying. next thing i know there is a glowing flourescent looking owl shaped object hovering directly above me while i laid there. i made sure to lock eyes with this object and yelled towards my house where my friend was sitting on my porch. he came running out to where i was and just locked eyes with what i was looking at which was only maybe 50 ft up tops from me directly above me. he wouldn't blink or stop looking. as i got closer to him on the road the object took off in a direct direction, and as we watch it we see it fly up to a huge glowing object fluxuating the same colors what seemed to be about a mile or 2 up possibly more. however this object was more in the shape of an octopus. it had multiple appendages and seemed to be stationary at first. we then watched it get smaller and smaller very quickly up until it was no longer visible. my friend had tears running down his face in disbelief. i however seemed calmer and more content in knowing that whatever it was i called upon heard me.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/98368, 08th February 2019