Black UFO caught in Las Vegas on highway 95

On February 18, 2019, an automobilist was in Las Vegas on highway 95. He took pictures. On one of these images, he noticed something strange.

Witness report:

During our holiday in vegas. we were coming back to vegas on the highway 95. we took a couple of photos through the front window of the bus as we were sitting at the front. my wife noticed something small on the first photo and then closer on the second photo. must have been moving fast. we took the second photo soon after the first. we weren't looking for a ufo, we were simply taking in the view. you can see the object in the first photo and then larger in the second. this shape looks very strange.We took the photos around about 11.45 - 12.15 noon.

It looked like a strange craft and moved fast between photos. dark and transparent sections. my wife is a ufo skeptic but was adamant that this is a ufo and would not stop talking about it. i can only agree. we have been very interested in this since taking this photo. we had lots of coincidences since this sighting. the object was gone straight away. we kept seeing our house number appear on cars, tickets that we bought for food even on tables in restaurants, we won hundreds of dollars every day after this. we also had bad omens such as dog running in to the car purposely whilst looking straight at us, sat nav stopped working in the middle of the desert & strange people approaching us every day taking a real interest in what we are doing.

Only now that we are back in the uk everything seems strange. this situation has really been the talking point of our holiday. this object had an impact on us. especially when you are not expecting it. would like to know if anyone else has seen this and what could it be. the distances apart are clearly apparent in photo 1 & 2. please help and put our minds at rest...

Source, 28th February 2019

Amazing UFO caught somewhere in Germany

On February 25, 2019, an amazing UFO is appeared in the sky somewhere in Germany. What is it?

Witness statement:

Hello Seekers, I have just been sent this video of an orb crossing the sky at very low altitude, it has been at 6 in the morning today. The video is real and you can see how the moon is to the left and the orb to the right and it is shifting!!!!

He told me this:

it was moving at a very low speed and it looked kinda like a celestial body ... i was amazed that nobody except me bothered to get outta the car 2 record it,in real the orb looked a lil bit bigger, was recording with my phone i-phone xs-max

Just to clarify that the other light that is seen moving fast as a fly is a reflection of the lighting post.

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Fuckin real and amazing UFO GERMANY Source, 28th February 2019

Fast UFO videotaped in Corona, New Mexico

On February 20, 2019, in Corona, New Mexico, a security camera caught a possible UFO. This ‘thing’ was flying very fast at low altitude.

Witness report:

I found this on my game cam at the house when i was going through the pictures tonight. i'm including the photos before the object and after the object to show that there wasn't a cloud in the sky. the pictures are date and time stamped. my house is about 20 miles north of carrizozo nm not far from the trinity site. i don't know what it is. i would think that if it were something on the camera lens then it would be in more pictures. there is also a bird in the following picture on the ground, you can only see it's head. i don't think whats in the picture is a bird.

I have several security cameras around the house and this is the most interesting thing i've caught so far. i usually delete the photos that i dont need when i check the game cam but i'm keeping this batch. this is a regular game cam and it is facing due south.

Source, 27th February 2019

Blue bright UFO caught over Oxenhope, England

On February 24, 2019, a person living in Oxenhope, England, was in his garden. After seeing a plane in the sky, he caught a picture. Later, by watching the image, he noticed something strange.

Witness statement:

I was in my garden when i looked up and saw a plane with trails passing overhead. i decided to take a photo of it to out on instagram. once i took the photo i went inside the house and opened instagram to upload the picture. however when i looked at the photo there was a strange object above the plane. i zoomed in and it looked even stranger - a ufo. underneath the plane there is also a darker object which appears to be a bird. i believe the ufo must be pretty big as it is quite clear and a lot bigger than the plane or bird even at the height it is at. within a minute of taking the photo i went back outside, i could still see the trails of the place but the object could not be seen with the naked eye.

Source, 27th February 2019

A flying saucer shot over mountains in Switzerland

On August 7, 2017, in the afternoon, a grey/metallic flying saucer was photographed over the city of Leysin, in Switzerland. What is it?

Witness report:

The person who did take the picture was walking in the mountains and did take a picture heading north direction lesyn. we discoverd the object when we sorted our pictures. we first did think it's a cloud and decided to zoom the picture. since then we try to discover what it could be. we asked flight controls and local media if there was airplanes or ballons in this region at that time, they answered no.

Source, 26th February 2019

A bullet-shaped UFO shot in Fountain Hills, Arizona

On February 25, 2019, at 6:58 on the morning, a missile-shaped UFO with a vapor trail is appeared in Fountain Hills, Arizona. This object was rising extremely slow from behind the four peaks.

Eyewitness statement:

Early this morning i noticed what looked like a vertical wisp of a cloud rising from behind the four peaks just outside of fountain hills. within seconds i realized i was watching a vapor trail of some sort and it was rising extremely slow. i took several consecutive photographs over a 7 minute timeframe. it looked like what i'd imagine a missile or a ridiculously, slow moving military jet, but because of it's extremely slow rise, i couldn't convince myself that's what it was.

I'm sure you guys know what it is and i'll be embarassed!

I've include picture one and the last picture of the sequence, please bear in mind that these photos are literally seven minutes apart.

Source, 26th February 2019

Grey cigar-shaped UFO shot over Machu Picchu in 2017

On August 3, 2017, a man was visiting Machu Picchu, in Peru. During this trip, he caught a UFO without seeing it…

Witness report:

In august 2017 i had a vacation in peru with my family, to visit some places, including the machu picchu historical site, and there we did spend couple hours in that area, and i took some pictures between 9:00am to 14:00 pm local hours.

Today february 24, 2019 i was looking again to those old picture and then i noticed a interesting shape in one of my picture, and i can not explain what really it is. i do not remember to see anything like this over there, probably the object was going with high speed?

Only the camera is so sensitive to capture that object??

Source, 25th February 2019

UFO caught on Chanbel 3 NBC over Cleveland, Ohio

On February 21, 2019, a UFO caught on Channel 3 NBC live feed. It was flying over Cleveland, Ohio.

Scott C. Waring claims:

This UFO shot past on a TV news cast, apparently the newscaster didn't notice it, but an eyewitness watching did. At first I thought it was a rocket launch, but no rockets were launched from thats out. When I added contrast to the screenshot, a thick UFO disk came into focus. It has not wings, not visible propellers, no lights flashing, its pure UFO.

UFOs don't frequent any city in the world more than the next. They are everywhere, over all cities in the world watching, recording...their fascination with human activity is only second to our own with people watching TV shows, news, reading news, blogs, posts, social learn more. Same deal. They are curious about us and our primitive culture.

Eyewitness states:

Morning Cleveland News WKYC Channel 3 NBC Live Feed at 06:24 2/21/2019 showed object accelerate stop a split second and 90 degree turn take off upward.

Source, 25th February 2019

Long bright UFO caught over Murray, Utah

On February 23, 2019 at 21:25, an illuminated object is appeared over Murray, Utah. It was flying too fast and making no sounds.

Witness report:

I see a lot of stuff and recognize the difference. hfb is 40 minutes north, dugway is a stones throw away. i know what life flight is, live between three major hospitals. i know the slc airport approaches and what is a jet coming in over the top of the wasatch. i have seen military action and know they use the crest of the wasatch for flight path...

I have never seen anything like this. and in typical debunk fashion got the worst picture possible, but has to come on cause someone else must have seen this...

I was on my back porch and noticed an odd moving object moving s along crest of wasatch, around mt. olympus. object was more steady, pulsating, not blinking, and mostly green! it moved quickly from left to right in my field of view. as it came around the front of big cottonwood canyon it headed immedaitely west and out of my view around the south end of my house and the trees.

I ran inside to grab phone, and out the front door facing west. it appeared to flight in a direct line west across the valley, where commercial traffic comes in from the south, swooped around or hovered, saw some red orb flashes and it took off north and was out of site in seconds.

I know this wasn't lifeflight or slc international traffic, my emotion was one of consent and i actually said outloud, "freaking military alien b**lsh!T" i've seen a lot of weird stuff out in the desert and mountains.

Wish i could operate a smart phone better. the pic is through a tree, but the color is what got me! the color is not transfused, it was that green the whole time and traveled way faster than any local air traffic i ever see, day or night...

Source, 24th February 2019

England – A security camera caught multiple UFOs

On February 23, 2019 at 18:06, unidentified lights were caught by a home security camera in South Sheilds, England.

Witness report:

Just had my home security camera pointed to sky while setting it then i noticed the lights don't have a clue what are what they are used my ip cabers which has hd definition but when you watch the full video its starts with 1 object then 3 to 4 appear i also was in my bedroom when i noticed the lights so i saved the tape as i normally delete recordings but now il be checking them.

Source, 24th February 2019

A teenager abducted by aliens on March 2003

On March 15, 2003, at 3AM, a teenager living in Sandy Springs, Georgia, was abducted by aliens while he was at home.

Witness statement:

I was 13 years of age approximately, sometime during 2003. I was in my home and had fallen asleep in my bedroom on a night before attending school at Sophia Academy off of Mt. Vernon Hwy in Sandy Springs, Georgia during sixth grade. I woke up when my alarm went off as usual and began to get into the shower as normal. I was pensive in thought and had a hard time remembering my sleep as I was entering the shower. I stepped in and started showering and noticed a rough feeling underneath my left foot as I was washing my feet. I noticed a symmetrical pattern of dot-shaped puncture marks in a perfect circle similar to a picture I noticed online I am willing to attach. I instantly had flashbacks of what just occurred to me while I was asleep. At that point I realized everything that happened to me included a violation of my personal rights and a seemingly near death experience. The marking under my foot was an indicator a sample of my blood may have been taken by these beings when I was awoken. There was a sharp stinging sensation right under my foot that woke me up. My vision was very blurry initially as I began to open my eyes and sit up to feel what it was that hurt my foot.

As I was opening my eyes, I sat up on what appeared to be a large aluminum table to 4 large Reptilian greys (7-9 feet tall) standing by the edge of the table by my feet. As I sat up, I noticed all of their eyes began to open wider, and their mouths began to open up and let out a horrifying sound. There was an extremely high pitched shrieking sound and they threw their hands up in the air and were flailing backwards away from me as if they were going to fall over. I then got extremely tired and couldn’t sit up very well and laid back down on the table to turn my head to the left. I remember just turning my head and praying to God (saying God help me, Lord Jesus help me) because I was terrified and didn’t want those beings any closer to me. I just turned my head as I laid down and prayed to God to protect me and asked him to ransom me from this stressful situation. As I laid back down, I do not recall ever getting back up or waking back up until I found my alarm going off and started getting ready for school. It was right after I woke up and I was in the shower that I noticed what had happened to me.

Source, 23th February 2019

Black UFO shot in East Sussex, on July 2018

On July 27, 2018, a black UFO was caught in East Sussex, Great Britain. This object was flying over a thick cloud tunnel.

Scott C. Waring claims:

This UFO is seen in only three frames of this video, but it is mind-blowing that something could fly that fast. The UFO is a rectangle shape from the side, but a diamond shape from a tilted position. Also the fact that unusual tunnel clouds appear in the background make me believe this is a UFO and it may be responsible for making that cloud tunnel. The cloud tunnels are used for moving from one base to another on Earth. They allow the UFOs to travel from the locations they want when they want and still keep them unseen by human eyes. However this cloud maker was caught.

Eyewitness states:

The kids at school spotted this strange cloud formation this afternoon in East Sussex. No idea how this thing formed.

Source, 23th February 2019

A mysterious petroglyph discovered in Russia

This incredible petroglyph representing a rocket was discovered on the archaeological site of Kalbak-Tash, located in the Altai Republic, Russia.

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Purple UFO appeared during eclipse over Tazewell

On August 21, 2017 at 12:03, a stationary purple UFO is appeared during eclipse over Tazewell, Tennessee. After a short moment, it blasted off with extreme speed.

Witness report:

I was standing on the balcony of the imperial hotel watching the solar eclipse in august 2017 the moon was at 1% eclipse of the sun and i snapped a picture. the object in the picture was there stationary until the moon was exactly clear of the sun then the object accellerated due north away from the sun or left in the picture. it had blue violette and purple red light and illuminated white to the luminous scale of 10.I have also seen this object in other videos posted on you tube. thank you for your belief in the extra.

Source, 22th February 2019

Two metallic objects shot in El Paso, Texas

On February 21, 2019, in the afternoon, two glowing UFOs were shot over El Paso, in the state of Texas, USA.

Eyewitness statement:

I was taking a pic of my cat at 6:13 I noticed the UFO 3 mins after taking the picture of the UFO.

Source, 22th February 2019

Spherical-shaped UFO caught over Parry Sound, Ontario

On February 16, 2019, at 05:45, a witness living in Parry Sound, Ontario, saw a big spherical-shaped UFOs flying slowly in the sky.

Witness report:

I was sitting at my kitchen table playing spider solitaire.

I looked to my right out the window and seen a big ball of flickering light like burning magnesium caught my eye. I thought what the **** is that!

I didn't know what to think it was,but i knew what it wasn't,that's no weather balloon, plane, chopper, drone, or lighthouse!

It is a ball of energy that you can't explain.But the video footage i have will blow your mind.The footage and pictures i have are on the 16th of feb....This description is for jan.23rd, i had no camera ready on this day.But got pics and videos on the 16th feb.Are you following me ? good.

They are here for an hour and a half or so when they come.Why are they hanging around here ? your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway...When i first saw the first one it was stationary.

I was staring at it and it started to do big circles,then would stop.

Then it would dart one way,then the other way,but seemed to return to where it was after doing so. Every minute or so a big white flare spark would shoot out of the left side of it. The spark would go a great distance very fast and dissipate.

Once it dived down really fast.Looked like it was going to crash,it was just above the tree line than shot straight back up to where it was. (changed direction on a dime).

My reaction...Well, i'm glad to see the truth with my own eyes.

No one can take it away from me. I don't care what anyone thinks, I know.

If people want to laugh at me, knock your self out!

The objects very slowly ascend over minutes until you just see them the size of a pinhead, then nothing, gone.

Please tell me what you think mufon ? we can talk about posting.

You look at it first.

Watch video

Source, 21th February 2019

Glowing UFO caught flying over Brügg, Switzerland

On February 15, 2019, at 6:11am, a glowing UFO was caught on camera flying over the city of Brügg, Switzerland.

The ufologist Scott C. Waring claims:

This is a great capture of an orb flying over the city of Suisse in Switzerland this week. The orb moves very fast and has no wings and shows not con trail. The object appears oval shape and traveling at high speed. Remarkable capture. Glad to UFO researchers in Switzerland are capturing evidence first hand. Often these orbs are semi transparent, but in the day at a distance of 50 meters or more...they appear white, cloud like. This camera was using infrared and no cloak can hide from that.


Source, 21 février 2019

A flying saucer in northern Italy in 2007

This metal flying saucer was filmed on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at approximately 18:30 between the cities of Cusago and Trezzano, Italy.

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Long black cigar-shaped UFO videotaped in Australia

On February 2019, a long black cigar-shaped UFO was videotaped during a storm in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Witness report:

Filming a lightning storm in Moonee Valley - I didn't realise I had filmed something else until I was editing my Slo-Mo clips.

I thought it might be a bird at first, but zoomed in on a paused still image and it looked too flat to be a bird.

Taking into account the frame rate of the footage, the speed of the object must have been very quick for me not to even notice it during filming the lightning.

I was pretty excited to actually capture a UFO on video.

Note: Moonee Valley City Council is a local government within the north-west metropolitan area of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Source, 20th February 2019

Six flickering UFO spotted over Burleson, Texas

On January 23, 2019, during about 15 minutes, 6 flickering red/white lights were spotted over Burleson, Texas. They were flying together in a broken ‘V’.

Eyewitness statement:

Driving down I-35 westbound and Rendon Crowley Rd., next to Texas Health Huguley Hospital, I was on the phone with my girlfriend, driving ahead of me, and we both witness strange red/white flashing lights in the sky a little in the distance.

We drove parallel to these lights and it looked like they were linked in a chain together 3 lights majority stay red followed by one majority staying white, then 2 more majority red (still flickering the opposite color red to white or white to red). They formed a broken V-shape, while spread out seemingly linked together somehow.

I wanted a better look so we exited the highway, turned around, and then came into the view of the strange lights. They were remaining still the first time we drove by them. As we approached they seemed to form a hexagonal shape, and started to glow the same color, but would randomly flicker the opposite light individually (red to white).

As we got closer to the spot we first witness them, they drifted away further and further ahead.

Background: I don't have any UFO viewing experiences, but have always wanted to see something out of the ordinary. Absolutely love watching documentaries about UFO's. I had some slight doubt at first.

Just so absolutely happy I was finally able to witness this wonderful event. I am 25 years old, white male, manage an electronic retail store.

Source, 20th February 2019

UFO shoots over several cities in England

On February 14, 2019, multiple UFO were spotted over Taunton Deane and Wellington, in England.

Scott C. Waring claims on his blog:

There is no video or photos of this sighting however, I have heard of such UFOs over England, back in 2014 an eyewitness recorded over Cambridge, England of several glowing yellow white orbs during the day. I will include the video below. Even without the photos, this is a serious UFO case that needs further investigation.

News states:

DID a UFO fly over Taunton Deane last night? Some residents believe so! At around 6.30pm last night (February 14), the object, which looked like a 'big white golf ball', was seen flying over Taunton. Kevin Midwood, who lives in Hillcommon, says he spotted the object flying over his home. He said: "I wonder if anybody else saw the big white glowing ball shape object that went over Taunton last night? Possible UFO sighting? "I live in Hillcommon and my son lives in Wellington, he spotted it too. "It seemed to come over from Taunton at great speed then it just disappeared." James Vasey, Mr Midwood's son, said: "I was walking from my home in Wellington and a bright yellow object shot across the sky at rapid speed. "It wasn't a meteorite or shooting star as it was flying too low and whatever it was disappeared." Did you see anything flying across the sky yesterday evening? Let us know!

Watch video

Source, 19th February 2019

Entrance to an underground alien base found in Spain

On February 11, 2019, an entrance to an underground alien base was found in La Rioja, Spain.

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, explains:

In Spain some UFO investigators went to look into a hole in the ground that was recently found. The hole led down into a tunnels below the ground. The investigators set up their cameras and that night they were surprised to record some glowing lights in the area, which they believe came from the cave opening. This leads them to believe that this may be an entrance to an underground alien base. That is really possible. If aliens do want to see the light of day, they will have to traverse long underground tunnels but they could of course use their technology to transport to that location, but I think most would go for a walk for the sake of walking and getting some fresh air...seeing the blue sky. Being underground must be rather...closed in and depressing. Yes, I do believe they are 100% correct on this. Its an entrance to an underground base.

Eyewitness states:

It has been too long to explain, you must see it yourselves, we wanted to investigate the area of the alleged extraterrestrial base located in Leza (La Rioja) Spain, but we discovered much more.

Source, 19th February 2019

UFO photographed above a volcano in Ecuador

This strange UFO was photographed in the area known as the North Triangle between Cotacachi and Imbabura volcanoes, Ecuador.

(Source: Instagram)

More information

Long bright UFO shot over Newport Beach, California

On February 17, 2019, a man caught a picture of a bright UFO without knowing it in Newport Beach, California.

Witness report:

My wife and i went into the trader joe's in the crystal cove shopping center. i took a photo of the moon as it was going in and out of the clouds. when we came home i saw the photo and what appeared to be something unusual above the moon and to the right.

Source, 18th February 2019

A yellowish UFO camouflaged in the state of Hawaii

On April 22, 2018, a bright flying saucer with porthole was spotted in the state of Hawaii. This yellowish UFO was camouflaged by cloud.

Eyewitness statement:

We were standing on the alo moana veranda watching the sunset and the different hues, when we sighted this object appear for aprox 10 seconds in which i had enough time to go inside get my camera and take the picture, then in a brief second this object disappeared in no certain direction.As you zoom in on this picture you will see port windows alongside.

Source, 18th February 2019

Large UFO spotted over Winnipeg, Manitoba

On February 14, 2019, a very large alien spacecraft is appeared in Winnipeg, a city located in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

Witness report:

While waiting at a bus stop, i saw an unusual star in the sky, where there was never a star before. it was exceptionally large and bright and flickering crazily.

So i started taking photos with my cell. every time i took a photo and zoomed in, i could see that it was changing shape and sometimes even color. there were so many elaborate light patterns that i couldn't see the physical parts of the craft at all. it may be more than one craft. i took about 20 photos and in every photo it appears different.

It was in the sky feb 14 and 15th. it remained "parked" in the same spot both nights. it might even still be there. i haven't checked tonight.

Source, 17th February 2019

Incredible UFO caught in night in Lakewood, Colorado

On February 16, 2019, in night, a witness living in Lakewood, Colorado, caught multiple pictures of an incredible UFO.

Witness statement:

I had an extreme push on me to go outside to look into the sky. i didn’t see anything at first but started taking live pictures and saw a weird blue light moving in the pictures without any know thing witnesses in the actual sky. i’m not sure if this is a light phenomenon but i have witnessed increasing unexplained objects in the sky in the last 9 months in various locations. i can discuss this further if needed.

Source, 17th February 2019

Millennium Falcon UFO appeared over Calgary, Alberta

On February 3, 2019, a Millennium Falcon shaped UFO is appeared over a home in Calgary, in the province of Alberta, Canada.

The ufologist Scott C. Waring claims:

A Millennium Falcon shaped UFO appeared over a home this week in Calgary, Canada. The UFOs dark silhouette really stands out as its position causes a gapping hole in the cloud floor. The UFO itself is most likely cloaked, however the UFO still has mass and that mass is pushing aside the clouds its using to hide in. I also wonder if the eyewitness looked up because they had an intuition...or feeling of being told to look up. This often occurs when eyewitness are this close to UFOs late at night or early morning.

Eyewitness states:

Exited the garage and noticed something in sky appeared to be behind clouds so I ran and grabbed my cell phone and took 3 pictures.

Source, 16th February 2019

Weird fireball spotted over Hamilton Township, New Jersey

On February 13, 2019, a pensioner living in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, spotted an unidentified fireball flying at low altitude.

Eyewitness statement:

I am retired law enforcement and have observed and reported many sightings to mufon. on 2/13/19 at approximately 1900 hours i observed a low flying very bright luminescent fire ball travelling at an estimated speed of of 275-300 mph at an altitude of 1,500 feet one half mile away from me that traversed the sky at first horizontally, then slightly lowered altitude and completed a tight, smoothly coordinated high speed s turn. the turn occurred in about 1.5 seconds. the object banked left then right. the maneuver reminded me of blue angels, thunderbirds, or other us military fighter jets performing at an air show i have witnessed. i am a lifelong aviation, aerospace and military aviation learned follower. after approximately five seconds this object disappeared. it flew in open view between trees, clearings, tree branches, and limbs which are devoid of leaves. i checked the archived weather at wunderground.Com. it was 35 degrees f, fair skies, w wind at 9 mph. the vivid fireball flickered consistently in an analogous fashion between yellow white and orange hues similar to ones i have seen before. due to the indescribable coloration, speed, altitude, performance and maneuvering, lack of sound, lack of navigation lights, indistinguishable silhouette or shape and disappearing with no explanation this was an uap. there was other usual air traffic in known traffic patterns at the time in the area. this sighting occurred after dark with unlimited visibility. i made a depiction and attached the file. i would like mufon nj investigator glen green to contact me in regards to this case.

Source, 16th February 2019

A UFO over Hodmezovasarhely in 2009

This amazing UFO was photographed in May 2009 in the city of Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary.

(Source: Instagram)

More information

Oregon - 2 bright lights flying over the ocean

On January 25, 2019, at nightfall, two bright lights were appeared over the ocean close to the beach in Cannon Beach, Oregon. One was white and the other was yellow.

Witness report:

Walking along the beach in cannon beach, oregon with a pitch dark sky i noticed two circular lights approaching me. they hovered for a bit then started back out toward the west slowly at first then immediately much more quickly. i was about 50 feet from the person i was walking with. once we caught up to each other we both recounted seeing the objects. it was not later until i realized that i captured any images of it.

Source, 15th February 2019

Bright UFO caught over Nijverdal, in the Netherlands

On February 15, 2019 at 8:46, a classic UFO shape was photographed over Nijverdal, in the region of Overijssel in the Netherlands.

Witness statement:

I was outside taking a picture of the sunrise. once back inside i tweeted the picture, and when i took a look at the tweet i saw something odd, a ufo shaped thing in the south east. one can see vapour streaks of airplanes in the distance on the picture. the picture is really sharp.

I thought that it must be some sort of ufo, because it has all the features of a classic saucer shape thing.

After i had notice it in the picture i went outside to re-create the event. this was maybe 4 minutes later but with no success. whatever it was, it was gone now.

I'm feeling like i'm full of questions. we live near a national park and i see things at night that i can't explain away. maybe this is all connected, i don't know.

Source, 15th February 2019

Black UFO caught over Lishui, in China

On February 6, 2019 at 14:48, a black UFO is appeared over Lishui, in the province of Zhejiang, China. It came from behind mountain. What is it?

Witness report:

I am a licensed atp (airline transport pilot), certified flight instructor, instrument instructor and multi engine instructor. i have flown for two airlines. i teach corporate jet training. i was a safety instructor for the faa. there aren’t any civil aircraft ever seen in this area. object made no noise. was not a drone due to the speed that it flew. you never see any aircraft in this area at all. no contrails either. ever. i got only a single picture. it was taken from the jinyun number 2 bridge, highway g330 in jinyun county town, lishui, zhejiang china. i was hiking the forested area south of the city. object appeared from behind a nearby mountain and flew behind jinyun tower disappearing behind a tree line. object moved straight line making no noise at a constant speed. no lights observed. object was stable, no wobble. there were a few low level cumulus clouds present. temperature was approximately 57°. i had the iphone 7+ pointed in the same general direction taking pictures. object caught my attention because there just isn’t any air traffic in this area. it’s general shape did not look right. (not like an aircraft)

Source, 14th February 2019

Strange unidentified lights over Gilbert, Arizona

On February 19, 2019 at 18:19, a man was riding in a car, while he saw odd cloud shape in the sky. So, he caught some pictures. On only one image, he noticed strange unidentified lights.

Eyewitness statement:

I was riding with family and we all noticed the deep pink color in the cloudy sky. while admiring the sky, i we noticed the cloud pattern was very odd. since i wasn't driving, i decided to take a picture with my iphone. the sky looked beautiful, ominous, odd, and perplexing all at the same time. we saw someone else in another car taking pics too.

At the time, a ufo never crossed my mind. but the next day, i shared the pic with my sister who loves clouds, and sent her a text message. she immediately asked about the lights and i told her i never noticed the lights when i took the pic. i noticed when she mentioned it. we discussed the pic, the lights, and i convinced her that the lights "could" be the reflection of oncoming traffic head lights. she thought the lights were from a ufo. i honestly didn't want to believe that. there is definitely an airplane in the pic, but clearly at some distance away from the lights.

The thick clouds have distorted my view in order to determine if the lights are truly reflections from traffic, or actually lights by a ufo.

Source, 14th February 2019

Long and bright UFO shot over Vancouver, Canada

On February 2, 2019 at 6:00PM, a witness has taken some pictures of a long and bright UFO flying over Vancouver, Canada.

Witness report:

2 weeks ago i have taken some pictures from vancouver! when i downloaded my files i saw something very strange in 3 my pics! i did this 3 pics with a long exposition! only a few seconds have passed from the first photo to the last one.

i have the original photos in file raw

Source, 13th February 2019

A quick UFO caught over Intendence, in Seychelles

On February 10, 2019 at 21:33, a strange UFO was photographed over Intendence, in Seychelles. What is it?

Witness statement:

Like every sunday, me, my friend and her brother go to the beach. we stay till late because we like to watch the stars and satellites passing by. few times we have seen strange lights which we know are not satellites, planes, boats or anything else. biut unfortunately we never had the change to take any pictures of anything we have witnessed in the sky. mind you, in seychelles we have really clear sky (unless it’s cloudy). on that particular sunday we were taking random pics of of the stars and passing satellites and after enlarge it on the phone as we go along. suddenly my friend was screaming, “ what is this “?, as we all observed on the phone this white lights in a straight line. we were all in shock. it was quite close to the moon. we said we should not jump to conclusions and see maybe it’s something else, but we could not compare it to anything. we kept taking a few more pics. in the continued pics we always noticed an orange color looking star next to the moon or white light, but not the straight light line.

Source, 13th February 2019

An incredible UFO observed above Medellín

On February 10, 2019, during the day, a woman photographed an incredible UFO flying over the city of Medellin, Colombia.

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Glowing UFO spotted in Hooksett, New Hampshire

On July 22, 2018, a witness saw a bright UFO through telescopic device while he was in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Witness report:

Fishing with my son late at night caught on camera. it was bright greenand seem to hover. no noise and no sound. beautiful emerald in color. made me nerviuos yet could not notice how bright. im not a sceptic nor a believer in any thing but pure fact.

Source, 12th February 2019

A rod photographed over Alameda Navy Base in 2014

On February 6, 2014, a witness caught an incredible picture while he was in Alameda Navy Base, California. By watching images, he noticed something looking like a rod

Witness statement:

This was a few years ago i went to the old navy base in alameda california in order to take photos of the old aircraft carrier docked there. it's the hornet and which has been a tourist destination for some time. so going at night hoping to avoid people and grab some nice shots of docks and ships and such. i took about a hundred photos in all nothing too earth-shattering. latter when posting them to my laptop i noticed this grab from something that flew into frame. as memory serves it was flying towards san francisco it made no noise. the shot was done on a nikon d800 dsl w/nokor 50mm optics.

Source, 12th February 2019

White UFO spotted near the moon on January 2019

On January 2019, a person living in Kifisia, Greece, has spotted an unidentified white object flying near the moon. What is it?

Witness report:

On January 21st, 2019 i took a few photos of the full moon from Athens, Greece. in one of the photos there appears to be a self-luminous object to the left of the moon with evidence of a trail to its right suggesting it is moving away from the moon. its interesting to see that the object disturbs its immediate surroundings as if it emanates energy. this is not a fault of the camera as the object did not appear in the same pixel area before or after this event.

Source, 11th February 2019

Incredible UFO caught over the sear in Svolvær, Norway

On October 23, 2012, at 14:55, an impressive UFO was photographed over the sea in Svolvær, Norway. The witness noticed this strange object several years later.

Witness statement:

I only noticed the ufo in my photo after reviewing it several years later. it appears to be ascending and is not an object or drone i am familiar with at that time or now!

we were on a tourist fishing boat experience at the time near Svolvær in the Lofoten islands, Norway. a man made object / drone of this size and not far away from us should have made a noise or sound or been noticeable, especially if it is ascending which appears to be true. when zooming on the image it becomes blurry unfortunately. hopefully someone with the right skills can clear the pixels and expose whether we are considering a drone here or a true ufo!? there were 3 of us on this trip and all of us agree when reviewing the photo years later that it is very strange and that we should have known it's presence at the time considering our proximity.

Source, 11th February 2019

Black UFO filmed over Los Angeles, California

On January 4, 2019, a black UFO is appeared over Los Angeles, California. It was flying in front of an airplane.

Witness report:

1) me and my father were driving back home from los angeles. we were near lax and i decided to videotape some planes since they were flying above us.

2) i was going to post one of the videos on a social media when i noticed a black object in one of the frames. this was about 45 min after the sighting.

3) at first i thought it was a plane but since most airline planes are not painted black i then thought it was a military aircraft. but i am not too sure.

4) the object flies very quickly. i was only able to capture a couple frames of it. it flew in a straight line.

5) kinda surprised to capture something since it was luck. i also did post it on youtube. other than that, nothing .

6) since i was not aware i was filming it in the beginning i didn’t follow its path. it just flew out of view.

Source, 10th February 2019

Glowing orb spotted in Shady Side, Maryland

On February 10, 2019 at 5AM, a witness living in Shady Side, Maryland, when he saw an unidentified bright light.

Eyewitness statement:

Clear sky. early morning on the chesapeake bay in my back yard. bright star like light flickered on as if by a light switch. within the minute a smaller equally bright light “birthed” out of the original and headed in a straight, unaffected line due north. bright white unblinking, unwavering light continued to travel in a perfectly straight line for approximately 2 minutes appearing to follow the coast until faiding out of sight. if under normal circumstances i feel like i would have continued to observe said object longer however in reality orb quickly faded untimely. it appeared to dissolve midair. not violently like a shooting star but like a bright spot light traveling at the speed of a satellite was slowly dimmed to black over the course of several seconds. if it was an airplane i should have continued to observe it until it was clear the horizon. this object did not act accordingly. after the smaller light dissipated to unobservable the large, original light stayed in its fixed location over arcturus until the sun came up. i attempted to take a video and pictures however they are not great. i will see if any are worth posting. a very strange experience for sure!

Source, 10th February 2019

Blue round-shaped UFO in Laguna on February 2019

On February 4, 2019, in the afternoon, a blue round-shaped UFO is appeared in the sky in Laguna, New Mexico.

Witness report:

I was discussing the day before, with my fiance', the fact that they seem to be spraying with the planes more often lately to cover something they don't want us to see in space, that is close enough to be seen, and that sooner or later someone will capture on camera. the next day, i noticed the planes were desperately trying to cover the skies. it was slightly windy and the were some spotty clouds, but very clear blue sky still there. i began taking many shots with my phone of the sky, just to see if i would capture something. thinking it was the large meteor that keeps coming close to earth as the object of their concern. but when i went back and looked at all the photos, something unexpected showed up in the photos. i only got one good shot of the object, but it is very clearly a sphere, blue in color, and did not belong where it was. it was not the moon, as the moon had gone down much earlier, and the sun was not too far away. but i don't think this object is a meteor. it looks more like, i know this sounds nuts, but a blue version of "the death star"from "star wars", right there near the earth, in view of the naked eye to us. i was not sure exactly what i was seeing, but it definitely has a spherical shape, and looks like a round craft or planet. i don't know and don't have the equipment to clean it up. maybe you can identify what this is? i am sending the original and two cropped versions. no other modifications of any kind were done at all, no filters used, nothing. this is exactly what was in the sky. please help me figure out what is out there. note: they sin after covered the sky with the spraying and it was no longer viewable.

Source, 09th February 2019

Large cylindrical UFO caught over Transverse Ranges

On February 8, 2019, a large cylindrical object was filmed over the Transverse Ranges in Santa Barbara, California.

Eyewitness statement:

While returning from the beach on vandenberg afb i rounded a corner and saw a large object hovering. i pulled off the road to catch a video and it slowly started moving! it was slightly behind a large hill , small mountain headed directly towards the tracking stations responsible for tracking all objects in orbit! i could not see any markings, tail fins or cockpit as you would expect to see from a blimp, however i was at a considerable distance but this was over an air force base and isn’t typical in this area!

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims:

This footage was captured in the city of Lompoc which is in Santa Barbara, California on February 8, 2019. There is a points i would like to make about this footage. On viewing the videos of the object i was thinking it could be a blimp but would a blimp fly that low towards the ground? Also the object seem not to have any fins but this could be down to the quality of the footage. Its an interesting clip indeed.


Source, 09th February 2019

A man abducted by aliens in Denham Springs, Louisiana

On February 15, 2015, a witness saw an octopus-shaped UFO over Denham Springs, Louisiana. A few years ago, he thinks he has abducted by aliens…

Eyewitness statement:

Okay.. well my first incident was when i was very young. i remember playing hide n seek with a friend. next thing i remember is visions of being in a tube with water and little tubes connected to me. i remember falling out onto a metal like floor with red lights all around this room(blurry vision from the water or whatever fluid i was floating in). i then see a humanoid shaped figure in an all metal looking suit with an opening at the neck that looked to withhold a reptile looking creature. it looked directly at me on the floor(to weak to stand), picked me up and then all i remember after is the sun being bright standing in the road infront of my house and the back of my neck having a stinging sort of feeling. my cousin whom i was playing hide n seek with said i had been gone for about an hr n a half to 2 hrs, yet i didnt know exactly where i went or how long i was actually gone for.


the second incident i was going through a hard time in my life and i remember laying in the middle of the road about 20 yrs up from my driveway in my neighborhood around 2am & was asking to be taken away from this planet aloud verbally while crying. next thing i know there is a glowing flourescent looking owl shaped object hovering directly above me while i laid there. i made sure to lock eyes with this object and yelled towards my house where my friend was sitting on my porch. he came running out to where i was and just locked eyes with what i was looking at which was only maybe 50 ft up tops from me directly above me. he wouldn't blink or stop looking. as i got closer to him on the road the object took off in a direct direction, and as we watch it we see it fly up to a huge glowing object fluxuating the same colors what seemed to be about a mile or 2 up possibly more. however this object was more in the shape of an octopus. it had multiple appendages and seemed to be stationary at first. we then watched it get smaller and smaller very quickly up until it was no longer visible. my friend had tears running down his face in disbelief. i however seemed calmer and more content in knowing that whatever it was i called upon heard me.

Source, 08th February 2019

Monument and pyramid found on Mars on NASA’s photo!

An ufologist has found monuments and pyramids on Mars. He published incredible images on YouTube. Impressive…

Eric Jarvie claims:

This is not the Nile Delta or the plains of ancient Nubia this is Mars today and these images where returned by the NASA rovers presently surveying the red planet, these striking images can be obtained from the official NASA website and though the agency does not confirm that they clearly depict monumental structures and geometrical pyramid shapes, that are not the work one would not expect from nature and that leads to speculation an ancient civilization not unlike that of earth may once have existed on the now said to be barren planet of Mars.

Indeed with that in mind it is left for the NASA images to speak for themselves.

Source, 08th February 2019

Alien ship found in moon crater on February 2019

On February 5, 2019, the ufologist Scott C. Waring found an alien spacecraft on Moon, between Von Karman crater and Davvison crater.

He claims:

I found this structure in the center of a crater on Earths moon. The structure closely resemblers a ship from the Transformers movie. The craft is triangle in shape, but with a lot of odd bulges. The object is very shine, more so than anything in its surrounding area, which tells me its metallic. Also there is a shadow going across its front...its not broken, its front is lower so there is a shadow making that part of the alien ship darker. This is odd, I literally stared at this for 15 minutes trying to determine what it is, how old it might be and why its at the center of the crater. It seems it landed in the center of the crater to hide from Each telescopes....also it doesn't seem to be too old, under 250,000 years because there is not a thick layer of surface dust covering it...which would significantly reduce the shininess of the metallic surface.

I feel this craft may still be salvageable and possible could be used to transport humans to other planets in the Milky Way. This way if we spread our selves around...more of a chance our species will survive longer.

Source photo:

Source, 07th February 2019