Black UFO caught over Lishui, in China

On February 6, 2019 at 14:48, a black UFO is appeared over Lishui, in the province of Zhejiang, China. It came from behind mountain. What is it?

Witness report:

I am a licensed atp (airline transport pilot), certified flight instructor, instrument instructor and multi engine instructor. i have flown for two airlines. i teach corporate jet training. i was a safety instructor for the faa. there aren’t any civil aircraft ever seen in this area. object made no noise. was not a drone due to the speed that it flew. you never see any aircraft in this area at all. no contrails either. ever. i got only a single picture. it was taken from the jinyun number 2 bridge, highway g330 in jinyun county town, lishui, zhejiang china. i was hiking the forested area south of the city. object appeared from behind a nearby mountain and flew behind jinyun tower disappearing behind a tree line. object moved straight line making no noise at a constant speed. no lights observed. object was stable, no wobble. there were a few low level cumulus clouds present. temperature was approximately 57°. i had the iphone 7+ pointed in the same general direction taking pictures. object caught my attention because there just isn’t any air traffic in this area. it’s general shape did not look right. (not like an aircraft)

Source, 14th February 2019

Strange unidentified lights over Gilbert, Arizona

On February 19, 2019 at 18:19, a man was riding in a car, while he saw odd cloud shape in the sky. So, he caught some pictures. On only one image, he noticed strange unidentified lights.

Eyewitness statement:

I was riding with family and we all noticed the deep pink color in the cloudy sky. while admiring the sky, i we noticed the cloud pattern was very odd. since i wasn't driving, i decided to take a picture with my iphone. the sky looked beautiful, ominous, odd, and perplexing all at the same time. we saw someone else in another car taking pics too.

At the time, a ufo never crossed my mind. but the next day, i shared the pic with my sister who loves clouds, and sent her a text message. she immediately asked about the lights and i told her i never noticed the lights when i took the pic. i noticed when she mentioned it. we discussed the pic, the lights, and i convinced her that the lights "could" be the reflection of oncoming traffic head lights. she thought the lights were from a ufo. i honestly didn't want to believe that. there is definitely an airplane in the pic, but clearly at some distance away from the lights.

The thick clouds have distorted my view in order to determine if the lights are truly reflections from traffic, or actually lights by a ufo.

Source, 14th February 2019

Long and bright UFO shot over Vancouver, Canada

On February 2, 2019 at 6:00PM, a witness has taken some pictures of a long and bright UFO flying over Vancouver, Canada.

Witness report:

2 weeks ago i have taken some pictures from vancouver! when i downloaded my files i saw something very strange in 3 my pics! i did this 3 pics with a long exposition! only a few seconds have passed from the first photo to the last one.

i have the original photos in file raw

Source, 13th February 2019

A quick UFO caught over Intendence, in Seychelles

On February 10, 2019 at 21:33, a strange UFO was photographed over Intendence, in Seychelles. What is it?

Witness statement:

Like every sunday, me, my friend and her brother go to the beach. we stay till late because we like to watch the stars and satellites passing by. few times we have seen strange lights which we know are not satellites, planes, boats or anything else. biut unfortunately we never had the change to take any pictures of anything we have witnessed in the sky. mind you, in seychelles we have really clear sky (unless it’s cloudy). on that particular sunday we were taking random pics of of the stars and passing satellites and after enlarge it on the phone as we go along. suddenly my friend was screaming, “ what is this “?, as we all observed on the phone this white lights in a straight line. we were all in shock. it was quite close to the moon. we said we should not jump to conclusions and see maybe it’s something else, but we could not compare it to anything. we kept taking a few more pics. in the continued pics we always noticed an orange color looking star next to the moon or white light, but not the straight light line.

Source, 13th February 2019

An incredible UFO observed above Medellín

On February 10, 2019, during the day, a woman photographed an incredible UFO flying over the city of Medellin, Colombia.

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Glowing UFO spotted in Hooksett, New Hampshire

On July 22, 2018, a witness saw a bright UFO through telescopic device while he was in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Witness report:

Fishing with my son late at night caught on camera. it was bright greenand seem to hover. no noise and no sound. beautiful emerald in color. made me nerviuos yet could not notice how bright. im not a sceptic nor a believer in any thing but pure fact.

Source, 12th February 2019

A rod photographed over Alameda Navy Base in 2014

On February 6, 2014, a witness caught an incredible picture while he was in Alameda Navy Base, California. By watching images, he noticed something looking like a rod

Witness statement:

This was a few years ago i went to the old navy base in alameda california in order to take photos of the old aircraft carrier docked there. it's the hornet and which has been a tourist destination for some time. so going at night hoping to avoid people and grab some nice shots of docks and ships and such. i took about a hundred photos in all nothing too earth-shattering. latter when posting them to my laptop i noticed this grab from something that flew into frame. as memory serves it was flying towards san francisco it made no noise. the shot was done on a nikon d800 dsl w/nokor 50mm optics.

Source, 12th February 2019

White UFO spotted near the moon on January 2019

On January 2019, a person living in Kifisia, Greece, has spotted an unidentified white object flying near the moon. What is it?

Witness report:

On January 21st, 2019 i took a few photos of the full moon from Athens, Greece. in one of the photos there appears to be a self-luminous object to the left of the moon with evidence of a trail to its right suggesting it is moving away from the moon. its interesting to see that the object disturbs its immediate surroundings as if it emanates energy. this is not a fault of the camera as the object did not appear in the same pixel area before or after this event.

Source, 11th February 2019

Incredible UFO caught over the sear in Svolvær, Norway

On October 23, 2012, at 14:55, an impressive UFO was photographed over the sea in Svolvær, Norway. The witness noticed this strange object several years later.

Witness statement:

I only noticed the ufo in my photo after reviewing it several years later. it appears to be ascending and is not an object or drone i am familiar with at that time or now!

we were on a tourist fishing boat experience at the time near Svolvær in the Lofoten islands, Norway. a man made object / drone of this size and not far away from us should have made a noise or sound or been noticeable, especially if it is ascending which appears to be true. when zooming on the image it becomes blurry unfortunately. hopefully someone with the right skills can clear the pixels and expose whether we are considering a drone here or a true ufo!? there were 3 of us on this trip and all of us agree when reviewing the photo years later that it is very strange and that we should have known it's presence at the time considering our proximity.

Source, 11th February 2019

Black UFO filmed over Los Angeles, California

On January 4, 2019, a black UFO is appeared over Los Angeles, California. It was flying in front of an airplane.

Witness report:

1) me and my father were driving back home from los angeles. we were near lax and i decided to videotape some planes since they were flying above us.

2) i was going to post one of the videos on a social media when i noticed a black object in one of the frames. this was about 45 min after the sighting.

3) at first i thought it was a plane but since most airline planes are not painted black i then thought it was a military aircraft. but i am not too sure.

4) the object flies very quickly. i was only able to capture a couple frames of it. it flew in a straight line.

5) kinda surprised to capture something since it was luck. i also did post it on youtube. other than that, nothing .

6) since i was not aware i was filming it in the beginning i didn’t follow its path. it just flew out of view.

Source, 10th February 2019

Glowing orb spotted in Shady Side, Maryland

On February 10, 2019 at 5AM, a witness living in Shady Side, Maryland, when he saw an unidentified bright light.

Eyewitness statement:

Clear sky. early morning on the chesapeake bay in my back yard. bright star like light flickered on as if by a light switch. within the minute a smaller equally bright light “birthed” out of the original and headed in a straight, unaffected line due north. bright white unblinking, unwavering light continued to travel in a perfectly straight line for approximately 2 minutes appearing to follow the coast until faiding out of sight. if under normal circumstances i feel like i would have continued to observe said object longer however in reality orb quickly faded untimely. it appeared to dissolve midair. not violently like a shooting star but like a bright spot light traveling at the speed of a satellite was slowly dimmed to black over the course of several seconds. if it was an airplane i should have continued to observe it until it was clear the horizon. this object did not act accordingly. after the smaller light dissipated to unobservable the large, original light stayed in its fixed location over arcturus until the sun came up. i attempted to take a video and pictures however they are not great. i will see if any are worth posting. a very strange experience for sure!

Source, 10th February 2019

Blue round-shaped UFO in Laguna on February 2019

On February 4, 2019, in the afternoon, a blue round-shaped UFO is appeared in the sky in Laguna, New Mexico.

Witness report:

I was discussing the day before, with my fiance', the fact that they seem to be spraying with the planes more often lately to cover something they don't want us to see in space, that is close enough to be seen, and that sooner or later someone will capture on camera. the next day, i noticed the planes were desperately trying to cover the skies. it was slightly windy and the were some spotty clouds, but very clear blue sky still there. i began taking many shots with my phone of the sky, just to see if i would capture something. thinking it was the large meteor that keeps coming close to earth as the object of their concern. but when i went back and looked at all the photos, something unexpected showed up in the photos. i only got one good shot of the object, but it is very clearly a sphere, blue in color, and did not belong where it was. it was not the moon, as the moon had gone down much earlier, and the sun was not too far away. but i don't think this object is a meteor. it looks more like, i know this sounds nuts, but a blue version of "the death star"from "star wars", right there near the earth, in view of the naked eye to us. i was not sure exactly what i was seeing, but it definitely has a spherical shape, and looks like a round craft or planet. i don't know and don't have the equipment to clean it up. maybe you can identify what this is? i am sending the original and two cropped versions. no other modifications of any kind were done at all, no filters used, nothing. this is exactly what was in the sky. please help me figure out what is out there. note: they sin after covered the sky with the spraying and it was no longer viewable.

Source, 09th February 2019

Large cylindrical UFO caught over Transverse Ranges

On February 8, 2019, a large cylindrical object was filmed over the Transverse Ranges in Santa Barbara, California.

Eyewitness statement:

While returning from the beach on vandenberg afb i rounded a corner and saw a large object hovering. i pulled off the road to catch a video and it slowly started moving! it was slightly behind a large hill , small mountain headed directly towards the tracking stations responsible for tracking all objects in orbit! i could not see any markings, tail fins or cockpit as you would expect to see from a blimp, however i was at a considerable distance but this was over an air force base and isn’t typical in this area!

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims:

This footage was captured in the city of Lompoc which is in Santa Barbara, California on February 8, 2019. There is a points i would like to make about this footage. On viewing the videos of the object i was thinking it could be a blimp but would a blimp fly that low towards the ground? Also the object seem not to have any fins but this could be down to the quality of the footage. Its an interesting clip indeed.


Source, 09th February 2019

A man abducted by aliens in Denham Springs, Louisiana

On February 15, 2015, a witness saw an octopus-shaped UFO over Denham Springs, Louisiana. A few years ago, he thinks he has abducted by aliens…

Eyewitness statement:

Okay.. well my first incident was when i was very young. i remember playing hide n seek with a friend. next thing i remember is visions of being in a tube with water and little tubes connected to me. i remember falling out onto a metal like floor with red lights all around this room(blurry vision from the water or whatever fluid i was floating in). i then see a humanoid shaped figure in an all metal looking suit with an opening at the neck that looked to withhold a reptile looking creature. it looked directly at me on the floor(to weak to stand), picked me up and then all i remember after is the sun being bright standing in the road infront of my house and the back of my neck having a stinging sort of feeling. my cousin whom i was playing hide n seek with said i had been gone for about an hr n a half to 2 hrs, yet i didnt know exactly where i went or how long i was actually gone for.


the second incident i was going through a hard time in my life and i remember laying in the middle of the road about 20 yrs up from my driveway in my neighborhood around 2am & was asking to be taken away from this planet aloud verbally while crying. next thing i know there is a glowing flourescent looking owl shaped object hovering directly above me while i laid there. i made sure to lock eyes with this object and yelled towards my house where my friend was sitting on my porch. he came running out to where i was and just locked eyes with what i was looking at which was only maybe 50 ft up tops from me directly above me. he wouldn't blink or stop looking. as i got closer to him on the road the object took off in a direct direction, and as we watch it we see it fly up to a huge glowing object fluxuating the same colors what seemed to be about a mile or 2 up possibly more. however this object was more in the shape of an octopus. it had multiple appendages and seemed to be stationary at first. we then watched it get smaller and smaller very quickly up until it was no longer visible. my friend had tears running down his face in disbelief. i however seemed calmer and more content in knowing that whatever it was i called upon heard me.

Source, 08th February 2019

Monument and pyramid found on Mars on NASA’s photo!

An ufologist has found monuments and pyramids on Mars. He published incredible images on YouTube. Impressive…

Eric Jarvie claims:

This is not the Nile Delta or the plains of ancient Nubia this is Mars today and these images where returned by the NASA rovers presently surveying the red planet, these striking images can be obtained from the official NASA website and though the agency does not confirm that they clearly depict monumental structures and geometrical pyramid shapes, that are not the work one would not expect from nature and that leads to speculation an ancient civilization not unlike that of earth may once have existed on the now said to be barren planet of Mars.

Indeed with that in mind it is left for the NASA images to speak for themselves.

Source, 08th February 2019

Alien ship found in moon crater on February 2019

On February 5, 2019, the ufologist Scott C. Waring found an alien spacecraft on Moon, between Von Karman crater and Davvison crater.

He claims:

I found this structure in the center of a crater on Earths moon. The structure closely resemblers a ship from the Transformers movie. The craft is triangle in shape, but with a lot of odd bulges. The object is very shine, more so than anything in its surrounding area, which tells me its metallic. Also there is a shadow going across its front...its not broken, its front is lower so there is a shadow making that part of the alien ship darker. This is odd, I literally stared at this for 15 minutes trying to determine what it is, how old it might be and why its at the center of the crater. It seems it landed in the center of the crater to hide from Each telescopes....also it doesn't seem to be too old, under 250,000 years because there is not a thick layer of surface dust covering it...which would significantly reduce the shininess of the metallic surface.

I feel this craft may still be salvageable and possible could be used to transport humans to other planets in the Milky Way. This way if we spread our selves around...more of a chance our species will survive longer.

Source photo:

Source, 07th February 2019

Incredible UFO caught over Medford, in Oregon

On August 8, 2008, in the afternoon, a witness was on vacation in Medford, Oregon. He caught a picture of an incredible UFO

Witness statement:

My son and i were taking a once-in-a-lifetime father/son trip in the summer of 2008. (august 2008). our plan was to take a 2 week trip through washington, oregon and northern california with stops at major points of interest. there was no itinerary and our intent was to keep it spontaneous and enjoy every second of it. prior to our trip we did identify some spots we wanted to see along the way. i wanted to see the boeing plant in seattle and my son wanted to see the experience music project and pikes place market. we also both agreed on wanting to see crater lake, oregon.

on august 8, 2008 we were making our way to crater lake, oregon and we stopped for lunch at a restaurant on highway 97 just north of the lake. we were pretty excited and feeling great that day. we noticed that it was hazy as we arrived and we asked the server at the restaurant why it was so hazy and she told us that there had been forest fires recently. we then asked if the way to the lake (crater lake national park) was blocked and she said that she didn’t think it would be blocked. we were happy to hear that.

after lunch we went across the road to a souvenir shop and looked around, but didn’t buy anything. the next part of the trip was to drive to crater lake. we headed southbound on highway 97 and then took a right turn heading west on highway 138 which was bring us closer to the lake. along this road we did notice the remants of burnt trees and more and more haze. the acrid smoky smell was something we will never forget. nonetheless we kept on toward the next turn which was a left turn onto the volcanic scenic legacy byway. we were very close the the lake now and anxious to get our first glimpse. we finally came up to a lookout (unsure what the name was if it was even a named lookout?) but for sure we were on the west side of the lake and it was late afternoon at this point. (approximately 4:30 p.M.) excited to finally be at crater lake, my son and i took several photos of us overlooking the lake, crater edge, vegetation, parking lot area, etc. after photos and looking around we decided to leave and go towards the souvenir shop (forget the name?) and carry on with our trip to klamath lake, oregon.

when we returned home to canada we uploaded the photos onto the computer and noticed and orange coloured orb in one of the photos from crater lake that was next to the crater edge and was above the water line. at first we thought that it was an anomaly or blemish in the photo, but none of the other photos were damaged or blemished. we did notice that many of the photos from this day were hazy because of the forest fires. we both asked each other, “do you remember seeing anything when we there?” the answer was “no”. we didn’t see anything until the photo showed up on the computer. it was strange to us.

i asked my son if we should do something or report it and he thought that we should. in 2008 we had no idea where we should even start? it has taken 10 and a half years, but better late than never.

Source, 07th February 2019

Unidentified lights over Norton, in Vermont

On February 3, 2019, in the evening, a witness as listening Superbowl in his car when he saw unidentified lights over Norton, in the state of Vermont.

Witness report:

We have a camp in the northeast kingdom of vermont which we go to every friday and leave to go home every monday morning. this sunday night i was sitting in my car listening to the superbowl on the am radio as we have no power, tv etc in our camp. couldn't get game on fm radio so went out to listen in my car. was warm for this area and time of year so was not uncomfortable to be outside. i would have no idea of the event time except for the time on my photos as i was paying attention to the game. as we have no electric lights it is very dark in the yard which made it immediately apparent when the sky became bright. i had my phone in my hand and snapped 3 pictures before the aircraft flew away.My boyfriend only saw the sky light up and not the actual event as he was inside getting us drinks and snacks. i showed the pictures to my friend yesterday and he told me to send them to you. i have had other sightings in this area but never anything like this and i've never taken a picture before.

Source, 06th February 2019

UFO moved quickly over Buffalo, New York

On October 14, 2018 at 18:09, three persons were smoking a cigarette in a backyard in Buffalo, New York. Together, they saw a bright object in the sky that moved quickly.

Eyewitness statement:

I was smoking a cigarette with two other individuals in a backyard. one of these individuals pointed out the object in the sky. this object moved toward the southwest direction consistently. a small trail followed behind this object as it moved through the sky. following a small distance behind this object was an airplane of some sort. it was not a regular plane. i am not sure how to describe that further but it was not a passenger plane. i was able to recognize the fact that there was one spacecraft that was not a plane and the object behind it was in fact some type of plane. as we moved from the backyard to the front yard for better visibility, i tried to take pictures and videos. i was successful but even using my zoom feature on my iphone i was only able to capture a second of activity. as the house covered my view of these aircrafts for maybe a millisecond, they both disappeared. i recovered pictures of the craft that i would describe as shining silver or platinum colored flying saucer that had lights around the middle or the widest part of the craft.

Source, 06th February 2019

Bright disc-shaped UFO in Dorr, Michigan

On February 1st, 2019 at 15:00, a witness was passenger in car. Passing by a farm, he caught a picture of an incredible UFO

Witness report:

It really was not an 'event'. i didn't actually notice the orb until i was looking at, my photos yesterday. we were driving, i was passenger. it was a cold snowy day and i thought this farm was beautiful do i took a picture. i did not have on a watch nor is there anything i can think of that would have caused thus reflection.

Source, 05th February 2019

Very little and bright UFO over Limassol, Cyprus

On February 4, 2019 at 10:44, a very bright UFO was spotted over Limassol, Cyprus., by an inhabitant.

Eyewitness statement:

It was 10:43 am i went out of my house to my car.

when i was sitting at the driver's seat, i noticed a bright light in the sky. at first thought it was an airplane, but it was very intense and did not blink. it was also wide. i dropped out of the car and watched it.

it was coming from the east, at 40 degrees from the ground.

i tried to record it but the bright sunlight did not let me see the screen of my cellphone.

i only had a very small video and two photos.

to give you to understand i thought i was recording it.

was move very smooth, i would say its speed was lower than an airplane.

when it was over me,

the shape was like a strong star, on one side he had two

small "clouds" that were moving with him.

when it moved deep to the west, i got in

my car to follow but i did not see it again.

i'm sending you the video, two photos, and a diagram of what i saw.

thanks for your time

Watch video

Source, 05th February 2019

Strange UFO spotted over Milan, in northern Italy

On February 4, 2019 at 9:00, a witness was at home, in Milan, Lombardy, when he noticed something strange through the window…

Witness report:

I was at home reading and watching scientific findings of nasa and historical ones when i noticed a strange thing in my window, up in the sky as high as i could see a far away object descending with a 80~° angle having a quite dense trail of smoke that after the start was divided in two.I thought it was an airplane descending,but it was more similar to something falling.It descended until it was out of my sight,it had a continuity in velocity and distance from me, but it had the prementioned angle going from its starting point se from me,arriving s whaen i couldnt see it anymore.

Nearly an hour after a very similar object had arrived from west going east in a straight path with a similar trail until it wasnt distinguisable from the sky itself.

The first sighting had given me a sensation of unconfotableness and euphory without any apparent season.

Source, 04th February 2019

UFO caught on video in Phoenix, Arizona

On February 4, 2019 at 8:30, an incredible UFO was filmed while it was flying in Phoenix, Arizona.

Witness statement:

Time lapse video of clouds moving (1 frame every 6 seconds). noticed object after playback. did not see while recording. playback indicates several changes in direction. reviewed and zoomed in on object during playback, but unable to determine any features that would enable a sharp change in direction. weather 60f, clear skies, 87% humidity, dew point 55f, pressure 29.86 in, wind ese 7 mph, object did not leave a contrail.

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Source, 04th February 2019

Boomerang-shaped UFO spotted in Katy in 2004

On May 31, 2004, while playing basketball in Katy, Texas, a witness saw a boomerang-shaped UFO flying in the sky. What is it?

Witness report:

In 2004, in the summer i believe, after a boy scout meeting on a wednesday night. some friends and i were playing basketball outside in a friends driveway. i remember something making me look up and saw the outline of a large boomerang shaped object fly overhead. i remember pointing it out to my friends asking what they thought it was. it was moving at a slower rate then i would have expected for something so large to stay up in the air. underneath the object was 7 circular steady white lights. the object didn't make any noise which i felt was strange due to how close to the ground it was. the object was traveling from the east heading west and was where we could see it for about 20 seconds. the object ended up being blocked from our view by the house. my friends seemed to think it was strange but went back to playing. i feel like it affected me more and is a memory i have thought about frequently over the last 13 years.

Source, 03th February 2019

Solid rectangular UFO over East Point, Georgia

On January 30, 2019, a solid rectangular-shaped UFO was seen flying over East Point, Georgia.

Eyewitness statement:

On january 30th around 12:30 - 1:00 pm as i walked out of walmart looking straight ahead i noticed something in the sky i automatically assumed that it was a banner being flown since the super bowl was here in atlanta and i was about 10 minutes from downtown atlanta but it was moving away from downtown atlanta and i knew that it wasn’t a plane landing at atlanta hartsfield jackson international airport because the airport was to my south and it was moving so slow almost like it was hovering so as i took my phone out to take a picture of it and as i zoomed in and realized that there was no plane in front of it and it wasn’t a banner so i watched it for a few minutes trying to figure out what it was then i took a picture before i left and it went out of view…

Source, 03th February 2019

A stationary cylindrical UFO over São Paulo, Brazil

On February 2, 2019 at 18:34, a stationary black cylindrical UFO was seen over São Paulo, Brazil.

Witness report:

I saw the cylindrical object, in the vertical position stopped. that in the base (part of the low) in some moments appeared a brightness. after some minutes he disappeared completely.

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Source, 02th February 2019

Transparent alien encounter in Mebane, North Carolina

On February 1st, 2019, a witness living in Mebane, North Carolina, saw a transparent alien and multiple blue, yellow, and green disc-shaped UFO

Eyewitness statement:

Prelude - this is my 8th sighting so i had set up my crystals in a sacred geometry pentagram / hexagon / star and created two wooden crosses out of sticks to keep away any demonic forces. i recently found god for the first time in october. a voice spoke to me once i found out who was running the evil in the world. once i discovered the luciferian doctrine i reaffirmed my faith in christianity. i also believe in the annunaki theories of ancient sumeria and babylon so my faiths are conflicted and my spirit is open to channeling new energies. i set up my orgonite crystal from india inside my screened porch and made it the center of my stone pattern. i also used fluorite, apatite, amazonite, and a new crystal i purchased on jan 30 called danburite (which is used for seeing angelic realms and connection to greater things)

Tonight's events : i have seen transparent apparitions all night long especially right now at 5:17 am over mebane, nc. i live in a neighborhood but still very much backwoods country area. a fleet of ufos are diagonal surrounding my house. they were in the trees and it looked as if one landed across the street from me. my phone was at 99 percent battery and just went to 5 percent as the ships drew closer. the battery life on my galaxy 9 is directly dismantled by these ethereal angels, alien lifeforms, or whatever is following me. a ufo sighting happened in the outer banks on nov 20 by the ocean and my family was only miles away. i have high functioning autism and my third eye has been my greatest tool growing up. my visualization, use of the law of attraction, and faith in higher dimensions has made me wise for only 26 years of age. i sense a connection to my past life today and i feel like my bloodline might be from stars. i don't feel human most of the time. capitalism doesn't make much sense to me, oppression, rape, violence, all of the above. this silly rat race we human beings play isn't my purpose and i have been looking deeper. recently, on october 28, 2018 i had a spiritual awakening and spoke to god for the first time. i grew up christian but church felt like a place among fake people and dark fellows. for instance, john edwards used to attend my church. i know multiple adulterers who also went to my church, so i thought god and satan was fictional history. recently, i stumbled into a secret society within the music industry in hollywood and witnessed a pedophile ring of masked individuals. once i came to a conclusion that masonic billionaires pull strings and use politicians as puppets things made sense. good and evil started to show itself more and more. i can now read auras and recognize that i am a chosen son of god and i identify with all other indigo children. i am telepathic apparently.

I am communicating with aliens outside via auditory communication. visually stunned at the moment. a fleet is over my backyard. 15-30+ ships. no one else is awake. my mother is asleep and everyone thinks i'm taking the research on secret societies and alien existence too far. i barely sleep anymore. i read books. television is propaganda for the israeli zionists (using the disguise as jewish) to practice a luciferian doctrine. i have connections solely with qanon, anonymous: the collective hq, ufo and paranormal blogs, watch david icke a lot, and my favorite independent journalist is luke randowski from we are change. i follow a truth movement and do not concern myself with any affairs that are ignorant. i'm so woke ... i can no longer party, drink alcohol and listen to terrible music objectifying women and i will never watch another commercial or super bowl unless i'm forced too. that shit and reality television is the equivalent of torture to someone of my kind. last time i got drunk i smashed a glass against a wall yelling september 11th was an inside job lmfao. i feel like i need to wake people up because things have gone so far with censorship, controlled opposition being clever like alex jones and joe rogan, and all this artificial intelligence is causing havoc. chemtrails and geoengineering are completely valid and true, yet google manages to debunk these proven scientific agendas carried out by elitists in the committee of 300 like bill gates (monsanto, 2019 spraying aluminum, vaccinations (omg don't get me started i have autism) and al gore (presidential candidate, vp, committee of 300) a voice from god or whomever it was changed my life. i got sober from heroin, got my record cleared and expunged, won battle of the bands at my college, was an environmental researcher in eco club in college protesting against seismic testing, fracking, fluoridation of water which calcifies the third eye, and i'm a huge advocate of freedom of speech. i align my chakras using music, meditation, prayer, and crystal collecting has becoming a recent hobby in 2019. i have found a way to connect with aliens every evening and they are drawn to my energy. i speak to them as friends from afar but tonight i saw one in my front yard. i thought it was a kid and got a socket wrench yelling "get out of here" i also am sketched out because my neighbor raising sheep and goats is practicing occult rituals and a temple in my neighborhood is vacant. no one knows who lives in it. it literally looks like a masonic or jewish synagogue.

Timeline of feb 1/feb 2 8pm - 540am

8pm - lights flashing in woods behind my two story house. i am observing from my patio on the second floor. i found a witchcraft hex (blair witch project) esque stick in my woods the other day and also feel a demonic presence nearby. i think an alien is outside looking at me outside my window at this very moment. i am hiding in my office writing this. i hear his breath, and he sounds like the aliens from the movie "signs" a loud cricket type noise with a popping sound.

9pm - my mom gets home and i tell her about news on fox 8 nc and north carolina newspaper "the charlotte observer" a bird watcher got footage of same ship i have seen numerous times and my video/photo evidence is on another level. i went to film school. i have 500+ videos/photos of multiple ships. they change color from green, to blue, to grey and often disappear in a burst. then they reappear. some of the ships move fast but i am a talented photographer so i am able to change focus quick enough to get it on camera for a long period of time. i have several videos from this hour where i get shots of a disc like figure as bright as the moon coming from behind my trees.

10-11pm i plan on contacting mufon (you guys) and charlotte observer and local newspaper. i take an adderall to concentrate because i have aspergers and i can never finish anything. i have so much footage that i should have sent already. something big is going on here and it is frightening actually. i love the fact ufos are here and i'm having my first vivid experience capturing something extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional which i believe more so. i take a bunch of pictures on my front porch facing nw and apparitions are showing up behind every house, under my street lamp post i spot a black dementor looking figure with large wings. i spot a snake with huge eyes across the street. omg something keeps tapping on my window and i know they see me right now. so hard to write this. i'm scared as hell.

12pm - i get on computer and research how orgonite crystals can be used to contact other dimensional entities, show visions of past lives, and showcase ufos and the paranormal. tonight was sighting #8 and it was the first sighting that was both apparitions, dark figures, as well as spaceships / flying saucers. one saucer looked like an angel with wings. another disc was shaped like a stingray and had two sides. i currently am reading chariot of the gods by erich von daniken and bought a scroll on papyrus of anubis and horus. i have a necklace with a labradorite crystal enclosed which is supposed to prevent negative energy from affecting my positive inner spirit and soul. my mother has been almost acting possessed during the day and arguments are happening more than normal. i also have been feeling weird and fell asleep after taking 80mg of adderall which is outlandish. i take cbd, kratom, and adderall so it is not like i am tripping on lsd or dmt and seeing things. although my dmt experience from freshman year of college showed me trees that turned into ancient megaliths with a similar shadow angel writing hieroglyphs on the tall stonehenge looking monuments. easter island esque vision with color spectrum beyond this universe's rainbow. i recently have been researching astronomy and rarely ever looked up at night. i was too focused on fixing myself or fixing others. once i realized my mission and goal on this earth is to discover the truth, learn new things, and help those who are oppressed and can see the wonders of the world ... my depression all of sudden dissipated. the night god's voice resonated through my body, it felt like a warm blanket additionally providing me with a brain zap of sudden knowledge. i was quoting revelations and romans, which is insane because i never read the bible and didn't believe in god until he spoke to me. keep in mind, i do not know if my god is also an alien. angels, demons, fallen angels, and different aliens might be all one in the same depending on the perspective.

1am - i am contemplating whether these photographs depict apparitions of evil, fallen angels, aliens from outer space, or it is simply my imagination. it could also be me time traveling into the past and seeing past elements mixed with the vision of this 5 sense reality. i am conflicted with humans and society because i have way more than 5 senses and my vision of the world is similar to say "morpheus in the matrix" or "the guy who puts on the glasses" in the film they live. i can see who is good and evil since october. i can sense what churches are pleasant and which are disguised as masonic temples or pedophile rings. i don't even have to enter. i see auras of satan and god colliding. i have alienated many friends due to this new sense of self. i was friends with people who smoked weed all day, watched south park, and now work at banks. no one reaches out to me from that friend group anymore so why did i let people use me. i make music and my last song exposed masonic presidential influence, the council of 13 illuminati and/or anunnaki bloodlines, bilderberg, etc.

2am - printed out cia document known as "mars exploration" may 22, 1984

approved for release 2000/08/08 : cia-rdp96-00788r0019007600019 (declassified)

i have family maybe friends maybe someone in this agency so i am essentially untouchable. also, my coding skills and defense satellite awareness are above the average person out here so i know the fbi wasn't flying drones or cia was in the sky. my cousin called the town council or mayor and they said no military aircraft in the area recently. that is funny lmfao i saw a black helicopter earlier today when i woke up and saw the ufos around 7am.

3am-623am typing this draft to mufon. freaking out. the last thing i witnessed was a fleet of 30+ ships surrounding my house, two creatures in my lawn that were transparent and looked reptilian or a ghostly humanoid. i have a podcast and our first episode was on cryptids and it looked like a scary version of a rake mixed with casper the friendly ghost. the eyes were brighter than body. i pick up energy so well, that i can tell something is looking at me this very second... but my blinds are down so i have a false illusion that i'm safe. i just heard something move inside my house. air conditioning came on randomly. knocking and creaking never happens. this is a new home. i hear deep breathing coming from hallway. tonight was wild! greensboro yesterday news. fox 8 charlotte observer. i got the most photos out of anybody and i made direct contact speaking to this transparent entity. it came within 30 feet of me and i put my hands together and prayed. it looked at me through the glass window and put a hand up and disappeared. my vision is blurry and fuzzy. i feel like i just got overloaded with a database of information. i think they are friendly aliens but i'm nervous. 8 sightings and 3 days in a row is a little much especially with black helicopters flying overhead. i can see things other people can't. flash of light just occurred outside. big flash. 6:20am. please share this and get this out. i am dealing with aliens and inter-dimensional beings. a humming sound is outside and i think one is inside my house. pray for me. hopefully i'll have another report. i've never had this close of an encounter before and it is wonderful and scary as hell. fallen angels, demons, ghosts, aliens... the thing i saw could be all of the above. it was see through. not invisible, but transparent. bolts of light are shining through my curtains. this is wild. logging off - derek y alias megalith 47

12:08pm update - i'm safe. my head feels fine now. i fell asleep at 8am after conversing with my mother who saw my photos and couldn't believe the transparent alien at my door. i will send photos. i would like to remain as derek y. not derek yusiewicz. to protect my identity and so i can share photos with newspapers without referencing the direct transmission i heard.

Photo: Downtown Mebane, bAdchampion91Own workCC BY-SA 4.0Link

Source, 02th February 2019

A musician spotted a black flying saucer in Argentina

On January 9, 2019, an Argentine musician saw a black flying saucer over La Banda, in province of Santiago del Estero, in the north of the country.

Scott C. Waring explains:

This UFO was seen by Francisco “Pancho” Zamudio, a member of the tropical music group Los Alfiles living in La Banda, Argentina. I enlarged the photo as you see above, and yes it does appear to be a disk with a dome top and bottom area. How could he have missed such an event? Very easily since UFOs are capable of flying so fast that the human eye cannot even detect the movement, but the digital eye of the camera is exceptional and capturing everything in its path. Yes, I do believe this to be a UFO. The shape, speed, and the blurred outer edges all indicate that is real.

Eyewitness states:

It was on January 9th of this year. I was drinking at home, went out to see the clouds that were taking shape and took some random photos. I wasn’t aware of anything at the time. Just this past Saturday, looking through the images, I noticed a black dot. I sent them to a friend who works on radio and he downloaded them to his computer. Upon zooming in, he discovered this thing, and we were truly startled.

Source, 01th February 2019

Huge glowing UFO spotted in Velez Santander, Colombia

On January 2019, a giant glowing UFO is appeared over homes in Velez Santander, Colombia, South America.

Ufologist Scott C. Waring claims:

Check out this video of a huge glowing white ball behind a cloud. The object is big and right above a neighborhood thats staring in awe at the UFO above them. The craft his hiding 75% inside of a cloud that it made, but part of it is exposed, probably so that the aliens on board can see out their windows first hand. Staring at a computer screen would seem less personal and so really, who could blame them? I placed the screenshot in negative format below and the UFO turns dark black...and really stands out.

Source, 01th February 2019