White triangular UFO shot over Muscat, Oman

On January 3, 2019, at 06:13, a white bright UFO was videotaped over Muscat, in Oman. It seemed triangular and flying slowly in the sky…

Eyewitness statement:

At 6:13 this morning i looked out of my bedroom window

i saw the moon and a star a little right under the moon

an abject way higher than the moon (to the right) caught my attention

it was brighter than the moon (white light) and changing shape

sometimes triangular sometimes round, a little like saturn could look like but it turned to me like an eye looking from afar and immediately looked like the under side of a disk

i took immediately some picks at first and took a video as soon as it “looked” at me

i don’t know if the object moved a lot but it seemed over the 31 minutes i could observe it to get further away from me

it also turned

it also emitted a different spectrum of lights or at least colours

these colours did not or hardly appear on picture or on video

also the “aura” or “plasma” was more visual by the naked eye than on picture or video

i tried to give a perspective in my photographing and filming with the moon and the room of the neighbouring building and i zoomed in with my iphone up to 10x

i will send you all my sighting material and up to your experts to analyse it

during my sighting i of course had a lot of thoughts i could share with you

the object looked like a probe that was actually “doing” something

it felt like something “environmental”

at the end it seemed further away and more transparent and far above the clouds

but the size did not change much

position could be calculated by your experts

Watch video

http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/97400, 03th January 2019