White orb UFO filmed near Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

On January 1st, 2019, a white orb UFO was filmed near Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California.

Jrtvtoo claims:

It was a very clear day in Los Angeles on New Years, but very very windy and relatively cold.

I had to get out of the house for just a bit and went for a short walk.

At the turn around point I saw this object moving very similarly to the one I captured in March of 2018 linked below.

Both move in several different directions before flying off. I only got about 30 seconds of footage this time however.

This one sparks quite a bit, and at the 10sec point another orb crosses the frame right over the original object. The original object appears to get somewhat brighter at that point.

...and no...neither of these objects are bugs, balloons, drones, or plastic bags blowing in the wind. They move very deliberately and exhibit a visible torsion field that morphs as it changes direction.

I have a feeling many more people will start witnessing and filming these objects. Especially in "hotspots" like LA and others.

Happy New Year!

https://www.disclose.tv/white-orb-ufo-filmed-near-hollywood-bowl-new-years-day-2019-357266, 07th January 2019