Very bright orb spotted over Bloomington, Minnesota

On January 9, 2019, a witness saw a very bright orb in the sky over Bloomington, Minnesota, USA.

Eyewitness statement:

It was exactly 1:30am, january 9th, 2019 when i saw it. i stepped onto my back porch for a quick cigarette. it only took a few seconds for me to notice it, an abnormally bright light in the sky. when i first looked up i swear i saw a flashing red light coming from it, and it was moving consistently to the right, so naturally i dismiss it for an airplane, but just before i look away, it stops dead in its tracks. no longer flashing a red light, it sits in the sky, almost trying to blend in with the stars, but it was much brighter than any star i’ve seen. baffled by this object i pull out my phone and take some pictures. immediately i start reviewing these photos and notice the real shape of the object, a circular ring of light. i figured i should try and get this on video in case it starts to move again, so i open the camera app, look into the sky and see that it had completely vanished. i was so offput by this that i needed a second cigarette, the whole time i was watching the sky, anticipating it’s return, but saw nothing.

Source, 10th January 2019