UFO photographed from an airplane over Roswell, NM

On November 2018, a man was in an airplane near Roswell, New Mexico, when he photographed a strange UFO

Witness statement:

On november 26, 2018, i took this photograph of the sunset with my iphone from the window seat of a commercial jet above new mexico. we were flying northwest from dallas, about 30 minutes from abq. still cruising altitude. i took about a dozen shots or so within a few minute period. a few days later i was looking at them and noticed this feature below the wingtip. it looks like a disc. i did not notice this feature when i was taking the photos. and there is nothing like it that appears in the photos i took before and after this particular photo. i’m a skeptic, but it amused the hell out of me when i saw that the geo stamp on the photo says roswell, nm.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/97835, 18th January 2019