UFO on truck seen in Kentucky, USA

On December 15, 2018, a man escorted a oversized load in the tarped shape of a UFO in Kentucky, United States…

Witness report:

I have some photos and intel you may be interested in.

Firstly i'm a escorted vehicle for oversized loads across the u.S.Also, i'd like to suggest you lookup *.*.*. systems located in louisville,ky its a billion dollar contractor for the dept of *******, responsible for development and application of ***** capabilities and security.

secondly i have photos that supports evidence of a semi large u.F.O. shaped object that was transported from their c****** facility to my local facility.

I'm only uploading 2 images but I have more available on request.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/97561, 08th January 2019