Two spherical-shaped UFO seen over Houston, Texas

On January 19, 2019, at 06:00, two unidentified orbs were seen over Houston, Texas. They were stationary.

Witness report:

Just came home from dropping my daughter of for wrestling at about 5:45 / 6a.M.

cold front was pushing through few clouds very clear skies and what clouds we had where moving quickly. as i walked up my steps out the corner of my eye i saw a bright sphere break the roof top horizon of my apartments. i thought plane but i noticed no color and no twinkle just bright white so i continued to observe its ascent into the sky, once again i thought plane coming in for a landing. then a second one rose above the roof top horizon now there are two but i thought second plane in the flight path behind the first for landing. i continued to observe and watched them stay the same distance apart and ascend at a steady slow pace then they stopped and stayed in place for over a hour i watched until i could not stand being outside any longer for they did nothing more... i took pics.

Source, 23th January 2019