Round UFO over Honomu, Hawaii

On January 29, 2019 at 5:45 AM, after hearing a military craft, a witness saw an unidentified light in the sky. It was stationary for five minutes then took off straight up.

Eyewitness statement:

I was feeding my animals at 5:45 am when i heard a noise which sounded like either a helicopter or airplane that’s a new shewell for this time of the morning also due to the fact it was a turbo prop which was probably a military c-130 they fly around here but not that early in the morning i went outside it was lightly raining cloud cover was about 8000 feet no stars or moon was visible the area in hawaii i live in has no streetlights so it’s completely pitch dark . as i was trying to get my bearings on where the airplane was looking off to my north i heard the airplane moving away in the northern direction from my house as i turn to walk back inside the house in the south i noticed a bright light hovering in the sky it caught my attention because i just noticed there was no stars in the sky and i could not see the moon and it had been raining all night so i knew there was cloud cover i walked further out my front door and looked it over the entire sky and verify there was no stars present anywhere in the sky other than this one bright light. it caught me completely offguard and i had to stare at it for a minute or so trying to figure out what it was my wife was also up at the time and i called her outside to look at it she could not figure out what it was either so i walked back inside and got my iphone and snapped a picture of it it saves stationary and was completely quiet for five minutes when it finally did move off it moved off straight up into the clouds while passing through the clouds it did not reflect any light on the clouds it just faded and disappeared into the clouds . we have airplanes and helicopters flying around us all the time i can identify almost all of them by noise from boeing 717’s to 737s blackhawk helicopters chunook helicopters and tourist helicopters. we also have military aircraft flying out of hilo 14 miles south of my house as well you can tell those because they’re always turbo props.

This was definitely underneath the cloud cover and all aircraft were above the cloud cover

It was completely silent and stayed in a fixed position probably between 4500 to 6,000 foot altitude for five minutes

For reference the lower right hand corner of the photo just shows a faint image of the corner of my garage so you can get a frame of reference

Source, 30th January 2019