Rectangular-shaped UFO appeared during full moon

On January 20, 2019 at 21:10, a rectangular-shaped UFO is appeared on the left side of the moon over Victoria, British Columbia. It was red/orange/yellow fire spiky like static.

Witness report:

Full moon eclipse january 20, 2019. my partner and i were aware of this event happening, and often try to observe or take photos of the moon or other astological events with what little technology we have on hand. this particular night we went outside in our area intending to go to a better vantage point, and the eclipse was already almost at its zenith. we had a direct view of the moon from our front yard. an 3/4 storey apartment building at the end of the block did not block the view of the full moon at all. we could clearly with the naked eye, what was happening. there was absolutely no cloud cover and it was cold enough out side that the windows of the car had frosted a little. we could see many star formations including the big/little dipper, and other planets in alignment, and also some other objects i identified as satellites. my partner had a samsung camera with a little zoom attachment and was using it to take photos. i had a canon rebel, but i am a novice and had the protections off as it did not want to take pictures at night. my photos add to the story but are quite shakey and blurry. we captured several photos in sequence. to the naked eye, a square looking red object appeared, it looked like a cat with static, but square, and proceeded to circle the moon just below half level of our view of the moons circumfrence. it came across the moon and it elongated into a rectangle looking object with a spikey red/yellow appearance. as it proceeded on the trajectory it seemed to slow in spots and then move again. i shouted to my partner, "are you seeing this?". "yes, i do, what is that" was the reply. "just take the pictures" and we did for a few seconds more until it appeared to pause/jump a bit up and then began to be dissolved or disappear a bit at a time, like going behind a cloud. but there were no cloud cover on that night. shortly afterwards i saw a plane and could put the size of what we witnessed around 3 times the size of a passenger plane, knowing what ever the object was, was further away and possibly massive. we have some photos. that show an object with a white center shaped like a house or box with a triangle on the back. there doesn't appear to be a "tail" like a common meteorite. this is in the expanded view from an original photo where the moon in eclipse is clearly seen with the object approaching from the left and another as it leaves on the right. i scoured the internet and news stories, but nothing matches what we saw.

Source, 24th January 2019