Pulsating flying saucer filmed over Las Cruces, New Mexico

On January 16, 2019, a round spinning disc-shaped UFO was filmed over Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Witness report:

I have seen and been photographing up to five different 'discs' in different locations in the night sky over the past two years from my back and front yard.To the naked eye they just appear as bright stars. i began observing them in february 2016 when a friend told me to check out a 'bright' star in the southwest sky at night. from my front yard, i did, and was very surprised and shocked at what i saw. it appeared as a spinning or pulsating round disc with a bumpy surface, almost looking like the top of a wicker laundry basket. i immediately called my next door neighbor to come over and witness it. he was shocked and in disbelief. this first one that i've photographed appeared to have a black tube extending out from the top center. since then i see them any night that i look up in the sky. i have a Nikon p900 camera with an 83 x digital zoom lens, and i use a tripod to get the photos. they are difficult to get a clear photo because of their movement. they are not always in the same location, and one early morning before daylight i saw one directly above my back yard. i went into the house to get my camera, and when i began zooming in on it, it took off and went to the northeast. beside seeing the 'discs', in October 2017 my niece from Ohio was visiting me, and we were in my back yard one night, about 9 p.M. and noticed a twinkling, orange 'star' in the northwest sky. i could not photograph it because it was spinning too fast and erratically, so i put my camera on video mode and filmed it. to both our surprise and shock, it looked like a child's spinning top, at an angle, and it had two rows of lights around it. i saw this object two other nights, shortly after sunset, but haven't seen it since. since it appeared as a twinkling star to the naked eye, there was no way to determine how large or high up in the sky it was.

Watch video

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/97849, 18th January 2019