Nibiru videotaped over Lakeland, Florida?

On January 2019, Gabriela filmed strange thing in the sky over Lakeland, Florida. On this video, we can see two suns… Is it Nibiru? Or something else?

Gabriela claims:

Dear friends and viewers, like one more time for you to see and to realise that it isn't easy at all to catch the Second SUN behind those Chemicals and to be covered up by the SUN SIMULATOR and LED SUN, which must be directly behind the Technology in SPACE..hard to believe that she goes in a 300 year Circle of 'sleep' when you see the brightness and the white COLOR we all see.. but if it is because of the Simulator or because of the second SUN , which I believe is the reason for this WHITE LIGHT OF A WHITE DWARF, but this is just my THEORY and some very few people around myself, who are thinking likewise after doing some studies and even more research to this MYSTERY in our Solar System and the affecting of our Inner Solar Planets,... but all this is just SPECULATIONS and no PHYSICAL EVIDENCE can be put on the table , that our THEORY is WRONG..!!..THEREFORE I show you my findings and you deceit for YOURSELF...;)... STAY SAFE FRIENDS

Source, 07th January 2019