Multiple UFOs during a thunderstorm in Germany

On May 31, 2017, at 16:16, a witness spotted several unidentified objects ascending into the cloud over Sondershausen, Thüringen, Germany.

Witness report:

I stood on the balcony of my flat i was living in while going to school in sondershausen/ger. i photographed the clouds and the thunderstorm as i did several times because i like to photograph weather phenomenons. i then noticed the objects on the pics after checking them / looking on them. i took several pics, on three of them you can see those objects. i was stunned and excited as i discovered what i may have photographed. i took several pics during 7 min. and on three of them i discovered the objects. first i thought these could be waterdrops, but i never saw a drop shaped like that. plus, i checked the camera and found no waterdrops on it. my balcony was topped by another balcony, so that no raindrops could possibly fall on it.

Source, 02th January 2019