Multiple UFO spotted over Los Angeles on January 2019

On January 19, 2019, at 11:40, multiple bright UFOs were spotted over Los Angeles, California.

Eyewitness statement:

I had been out watching for the delta heavy launch because i wanted to take some photos. it was delayed by some minutes. when the launch began i started snapping photos. i couldn't see if the camera had captured anything. finally, i saw the contrail of the missile in my viewer. so, i began snapping. i was hoping to photograph the separation of the tanks. no such luck. what surprised me is that the contrail went all the way across the sky.

When i came back to my apartment i connected the camera to my computer and began looking at the photos. the first few showed only sky. then, i saw this one. my jaw dropped. the sun was behind the tree and the missile was off to the right. i missed photographing the missile but i got what appears to be a swarm of ufos along the flight path of the delta rocket. the dots did not appear in any of the other photos mainly because i was moving across the sky trying to continue to photograph the rocket.

Source, 20th January 2019