Colored disc-shaped UFO over Santa Fe, NM

On June 10, 1993, a colored disc-shaped UFO was photographed over Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was travelling at high speed, just outside the national cemetery.

Witness report:

I had pulled over in Santa Fe, just after a severe thunderstorm. i observed a double rainbow, so i had my camera, for work purposes, and i took three photos of the double rainbow. ii had the film developed at a fox 1-hour photo, in Albuquerque, NM. of the tree photos, this one seems to show an object, unknown to me, flying from right to left. i had some friends who worked at sunspot observatory and they told me that the object was about 25-40 feet in diameter, going at least 500 mph. you can see the national cemetery white colored headstones, in the background of the photo. i also went to a Kirkland AFB, and i got in a scrape with a couple of helicopter pilots, whom i showed this photo…

Source, 19th January 2019