A sasquatch spotted in Lewis County in November 2013

On November 12, 2013, an automobilist spotted a big sasquatch in Lewis County, in the State of Washington. This creature was near Cascades Mountains, in Gilford Pinchot National Forest.

Witness statement:

Using my car as a blind. I used a game call, sounding like a squealing rabbit. I tried not to move while sitting in my car. Then, in my middle rear view mirror, I saw a sasquatch peak around a tree about 60 feet away. It watched me for about 30 seconds, then very slowly walked to another tree about 20 feet away from the first tree. Then again, it watched my car for about 30 seconds. Because of the back tinted window, the reflection, the shady light, and my high headrests I don't think it could see me.

I could not see face details. When it walked, it kept it's arms at it's side. I saw it from the waist up. I never felt fear. I hoped it would come closer. Then, it must have gotten down on all fours and crept away. Didn't see it again. I waited 20 minutes then, get this, a cow elk walked by in the same area. By the height of the elk, the sasquatch was about 6 feet tall.

Photo: A tongue-in-cheek sign warning of Bigfoot crossings on Pikes Peak Highway in Colorado, bGnashes30Own workCC BY-SA 3.0Link

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