A Men in Black caught on camera in Liverpool

A security camera in Liverpool, England, captured a strange humanoid hearing a black hat and a suit. According to some people, it could a terrifying Men in Black

ParanormalElite claims:

Caught on a CCTV security camera in Liverpool, England, this video supposedly shows a men in black encounter. The footage was allegedly taken in an accounting firm and it shows the interaction between a mysterious man wearing a black suit and a man who the security guard in the video refers to as Liam. The security guard says that Liam had some strange pictures uploaded to social media and this encounter took place only a few days after.

In the footage, the strange man wearing a black suit and black sunglasses walks in and begins to have a confrontation with the accountant, Liam. He then pulls out a bizarre device from his pocket, does a triangle hand symbol, and Liam starts obeying the man's orders. Could this be an actual sighting of the men in black captured by a security camera?

ApexTV report:

This video was sent to us via email by a man who works as a security guard for an accounting firm in Liverpool. He was able to catch something extremely strange on a security camera in one of their offices. What you’re about to see is immensely bizarre. Watch this and decide for yourself. Due to the appearance of the strange man, many people online have come to the conclusion that this is an actual encounter of the infamous men in black, who are said to be the ones who keep witnesses of strange events quiet about what they have seen.

https://www.disclose.tv/men-in-black-encounter-caught-on-cctv-357608, 12th January 2019