A creepy black shadow caught with a toy camera

On Marsh 13, 2013, a person has posted a mysterious picture on a forum. This image, caught thanks to a toy camera, show us a black ghost inside his house.

Witness report:

My granddaughter has a toy camera that takes videos and still photo. She mostly takes pictures of the ground, her feet, her toys, etc. Sometimes she turns on the video and forgets about it and sets it down somewhere and it records her playing and singing and whatever else a three year old does. Yesterday my daughter plugged it into her computer and downloaded what was on it, mostly just to clear it out so she could take more pictures, but also to see what was on there. Among all the typical stuff she takes pictures of, was the one attached.

The figure in the photo is NOT a shadow of one of her parents, or anyone else we know. Smoking is not allowed in their home let alone the child's bedroom. We do not know if she took it intentionally, or how it got on there. My husband says it's a shadow, but shadows don't block out what's behind them. They often have "weird" stuff happening in their apartment...doors closing for no reason, an odd voice here and there, but this picture is creeping us all out.

Any thoughts or explanations would be welcomed!

http://www.city-data.com/forum/unexplained-mysteries-paranormal/1817727-three-year-old-granddaughter-took-picture.html, 01th January 2019