3 weird beams of light spotted over Jamestown

On January 17, 2019 at 20:30, a witness was driving on a road in Jamestown, North Dakota, when he saw three even spaced beams of light in the sky. They disappeared and reappeared repeatedly in different locations.

Eyewitness statement:

I was driving south with a coworker on the truck bypass on the northwestern side of jamestown, nd. as we approached the interstate (i-94) my coworker pointed out 3 bright, stationary, beams of light projecting down from the clouds above the watertower ahead of us. they were unusual enough that we decided to pull over for a moment to get a better look. just after stopping the lights disappeared and we were about to take off again when my coworker spotted them again slightly farther to the west. they had moved about 20 degrees to the right and reappeared exactly as before. i turned off the vehicle and we got outside for a better view. after about two minutes they disappeared a second time and reappeared moments later again to the right about another 20 degrees. at this point i attempted to take some pictures. after approximately another two minutes they disappeared for the final time we saw. while stopped a truck driver head north pulled over on the opposite side of the road, i assume he thought we had car trouble, and got out. when he saw where we were looking he stopped and watched as well, seeing them in the last two locations and exclaiming "what the f@#%." during each if the displays of the lights they were easily the brightest objects in the sky and always spaced exactly the same. no ground lights were creating and light effects or projecting up as tends to happen in the cold some nights here and there was no noise that we could hear. we had no good reference for distance however.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/97872, 19th January 2019