Weird UFO snapped at the summit of Pikes Peak

On November 19, 2018 at 15:58, a witness was at the summit of Pikes Peak, in Colorado. He snapped a video. On images, he noticed a weird UFO.

Witness statement:

I was vacationing in colorado earlier in november. my buddy and i drove up to the summit of pikes peak. he took a live photo of me next to the summit elevation sign, the elevation is slightly north of 14,000ft. we did not notice anything strange on the mountain. it was later that evening we saw something odd. as i was flipping through the photos on my phone from the day i noticed some of the photos were live photo’s. so i touched the screen of the phone to activate the video aspect of the pic. that’s when i noticed a ufo fluttering in the sky above my right shoulder. i can’t explain it. it’s quite compelling evidence. then i noticed a second live photo taken immediately after the first. in the second a shadow streaks across the screen almost directly over my fave. it was surly the shadow of the ufo from the first video. i downloaded an app that allowed me to convert the live photo to video. unfortunately i cannot zoom in on the video (maybe user error) but i can zoom in on the live photo. this is the third ufo i have seen in my life and the second i’ve documented. also this is the second case i’ve submitted to mufon.

Source, 06th December 2018