Unknown object spotted in Texas during Christmas Day

On December 25, 2018, a family living in Temple, Texas, spotted an unknown bright UFO flying in the sky.

Witness report:

On Christmas Day, 12-25-18, after all the presents were opened, our grand-baby starting feeling ill.

The four-year-old seemed to have a fever, and a stomachache and it being Christmas, we decided to take him to Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's Specialty Clinic in Temple, Texas, which was open 24 hrs/day.

The boy's mother and my wife took him, and after seeing the doctor and being treated, my wife returned to the dark, empty parking lot to get the vehicle and swing around the entry way to get the baby and his mother.

It was totally silent and no one was in the parking lot, save for my wife. As she neared the car, she happened to look up.

She noticed something unusual about the sky, as if it was textured. She attempted to understand what she was seeing. Her eyes began to accustom themselves to the sight in the sky.

Dark, black clouds seemed to be lit from within, very dimly. She noticed some slits of white within the dark clouds.

She wanted to capture the anomaly on her phone's camera. Several photographs were taken, and also video, attempting to scan across the area.

The object she was seeing did not appear to move. She walked closer to get the best view she could for the media. She had to get to the pick-up, and the object was still there as she drove away.

https://www.ufocasebook.com/2018/ufo-on-video-over-temple-texas.html, 30th December 2018