UFO seen in broad daylight over New York

On December 2018, a UFO is appeared in broad daylight over New York, USA. It looked like a comet or an asteroid but it was really an alien spacecraft.

Ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

This UFO was seen over New York this week and its got people thinking it could be a comet or asteroid that got too close. NASA did say an asteroid shower was expected, but this thing looks huge. The disk like object made a comet like tail behind it to deliberately confuse and fool people into thinking its a comet. However its too far inside our atmosphere and it would be pulled in by gravity.

Sure NASA also said that comet 46P was going to be close this week, however this is within only a few miles from the surface of earth. Look at the detail on the thick disk of the spacecraft in fronton the tail. Its not a comet, NASA just saw an incoming UFO that was huge and asked them to make a tail when entering our atmosphere before they go to their base somewhere below the ocean.

http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2018/12/ufo-in-broad-daylight-over-new-york.html, 16th December 2018