UFO caught from a moving train in Winchester, Virginia

On December 3, 2018, a witness was inside a train in Winchester, Virginia. He took photos. Later he noticed UFO on image. What is it?

Witness report:

The object(s) were not sighted at the time the image was taken. the photographer took a photograph of a rare double rainbow event from a moving train - which, upon later inspection appeared to show one main object in the sky, not far from the ground - range is hard to tell. one main object is seen on one image with a subsequent image showing two or possibly three other objects. the main image with the single object is quite striking. the object appears to be cylindrical / barrel shaped and about 100ft above the ground.

The image was taken aboard a moving train at 1323 hours about five minutes north of winchester station in hampshire - uk.

The photographer has no interest in reporting the image - but has given permission for me to report the object and the image to mufon.

Image 1498 shows the object to the bottom left of the rainbow (zoom in) - image 1497 (taken before 1498) shows two diamond shaped objects in the sky on the left of the image.

These images remain copyright jez hermer. they may not be passed to any entity outside mufon and may not be copied or published without j hermer's express permission.

http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/96808, 06th December 2018