Two unidentified lights seen above Modesto, California

On November 23, 2016, on night, a witness living in Modesto, California, spotted two unidentified lights above his home. They then merged together.

Eyewitness statement:

I was driving home after thanksgiving dinner at my brothers home. i was looking through the windshield and noticed three bright lights in the sky. i was heading north as they flew south towards me. i stopped my car in the street and got out to get a better view of what i was seeing. thinking this was unusual, i got my phone out to snap a photo. the car behind me got impatient, honked then drove around me as they yelled get out of the way. i replied, "do you see them?" to his tail lights as he drove on. i looked back up and began to snap a photo or two. they seemed to be hovering, so i drove the half-block to my house and got out to take more photos.

One of the lights shot horizontal north as quick as a bullet. it was amazingly fast. the two remaining ones moved above my home. they seemed to change places. then the two became one for awhile, then two again, hovered then left straight up. not as fast as the first one, but quickly straight up, until out of sight.

I felt stunned and in awe, then excited. i told my brother the next day and showed my pictures. he was amused with me at first, then just stared at the pictures, stared at me, then shrugged. most of my friends who i told the story do not believe me until they see the pics. they think i saw something, but...

Source, 08th December 2018