Red orb spotted in South Isis, Queensland

On July 28, 2018 at 21:55, a witness and his 14 year old son were driving out of their property in South Isis, Queensland, Australia. Suddenly, an unidentified red light is appeared in the night sky.

Eyewitness statement:

Ok so my 14 year old son and i were just going to town ,as we started down our drive way my son said what is that pointing to a set of bright red lights that to me seemed like 3 across the top and 4 or 5 across the bottom of an object not too far away about 1 mile ,just hovering silent .I quickly grabbed my phone from the car to get it on video but i was so excited i had trouble finding the camera function and so i was looking at the phone and not the light when my son said wow did you see that light it was like a shooting star came out of the ground and went into the red lights ,this is when i finely got my camera on and took one pic and then video ,you can hear my amazement when i see that these set of red lights appear on camera as an orb .So its a very short video, the orb that is on there is what appeared to be a second identical one.The first one straight after my son said did you see the light that shot up into it i saw it glowed brighter for a second and then faded away just before it was fully faded the other identical one appeared to the right and just above ,this is the one you see on the video .You can hear our amazement about this as we have not seen anything like this around here before,let me know if you need any more details as i may have left out something.

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Source, 15th December 2018