Orb like UFO caught over Cedar Park, Texas

On December 16, 2018, at 04:20, an orb like UFO was caught over Cedar Park, Texas. According to the witness, this unidentified object appeared every night at the same area.

Witness report:

Last week. i woke up around 3am and noticed it out my window. really bright light and bigger than a star. it looked like it was floating. barely moving. like my eyes were playing tricks. looked it up and someone said it was the planet venus. then a few nights later the light was so bright it woke me up. and i showed my husband. he asked what it was. i said apparently venus. and that time was between 3-5am. but then tonight i woke up around 4 and noticed more north and the shape was oval looking. the brightness of the light kept changing. took a video and saw the changes up close. i don’t think this is venus or a satalight like people keep saying. i’m very awake every time i see this thing in the sky. it’s always between 3-6. one day i watched it for hours. and it stayed till after the sun came up. finally i get bored and stop watching it. but i go to look to see if it’s still there or if it’s in a different spot. and it’s still there. i don’t see it during the day or evening ever. it only seems to appear in the early morning. i feel like i’m seeing things. not sure if this is real. glad my husband saw the bright light once. i’m not sure if i believe in ufo. but that’s pretty convincing.

http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/97030, 16th December 2018